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Aminoethylated acrylic polymers : POLYMENT

Product Aminoethylated acrylic polymers : POLYMENT
Applications Paints, Adhesives, Rust preventive coating for zinc steel plate & Aluminium, Modifier for paint adhesion, AC agent, Primer
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POLYMENT is the primary amino group component acrylic polymer which has polyethyleneimine in side chain.
POLYMENT is poly acryl amine having both characteristics of polyethyleneimine and acrylic polymer and is superior in high reactivity and adhesion of the primary amino group origin.
Generally, for cationic acrylic polymer, Dimethylaminoethyl acrylate polymer (DAA),
Dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate polymer (DAM) are known, However, they are the tertiary amine or quarternary amine type. For polymer having primary amine, POLYMENT is only one product in the world.

Production method of POLYMENT

POLYMENT is synthesized by reaction with ethyleneimine and carboxylic acid group.

Chemical Structure

Characteristic of POLYMENT

POLYMENT has water reducibility type (NK-100PM, NK-200PM), solvent type (NK-350,NK-380) and emulsion type (SK-1000).
The adhesives, primers, paints which blended epoxy resin with POLYMENT show superior adhesion to plastics and metals.

[table] Characteristic of POLYMENT

In using our products (POLYMENT) in relation to the application referred to in this booklet, please pay attention to existence of the intellectual property rights (including patent and its application) owned by any third parties and avoid the possible infringement of such intellectual property rights. NIPPON SHOKUBAI shall in no event be responsible for any damages or liabilities caused by infringement or alleged infringement of said intellectual property rights due to the above-mentioned use of our products.

Specification and property of POLYMENT

[table] Specification and property of POLYMENT

[table] Specification and property of POLYMENT

PM:Propylene glycol monomethyl ether, IPA:Isopropyl alcohol,
MIBK:Methyl isobutyl ketone, MEK:Methyl ethyl ketone

  1. Amino hydrogen equivalent weight: Solid weight equivalent to one amine mol.
  2. Amine value: Amine mol number (mmol) contained in solid 1g

POLYMENT detailed information of physical property, analytical method and application on POLYMENT, please refer to the technical information.
Please request the technical information from the sales department, and please refer to our company home page http://www.shokubai.co.jp/.
Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) that provides details of the safety of the product.
Above-mentioned regulations are valid Aprll, 2005.


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