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Nippon Shokubai Group Mission / Corporate Credo

Group Mission Management Commitment Corporate Credo

Nippon Shokubai Group Mission

Providing affluence and comfort to people and society, with our unique technology.

Management Commitment

We conduct all of our corporate activities based upon a deep respect for humanity.

We are deeply dedicated to humanity and the innate human values of sincerity and honesty. We respect the unique traits and worldview of each individual, embracing diversity and working to promote mutual understanding and trust. We recognize that it is the human spirit and point of view that shape our understanding of management and our actions. A deep respect for humanity is the foundation for all of our corporate activities.

We aim at coexisting with society, and working in harmony with the environment.

We work to create sustainable societies. We believe it is our corporate social responsibility to develop positive relationships with all of our stakeholders, as well as with the global environment.

We pursue technologies that will create the future.

We deliver new value that benefits people and society and are dedicated to working as a unified team to develop technology that will open the door to the future.

We act on the global stage.

By working to expand our business worldwide, we aim to realize our TechnoAmenity mission of "providing affluence and comfort to people and society," around the world.

Corporate Credo

Safety takes priority over production.

Nippon Shokubai Code of Conduct

In the belief that it is our social responsibility to conduct business based upon the principles of compliance and self-responsibility for the sake of proper social development, we have set forth the following basic corporate behavior guidelines in the "Nippon Shokubai Code of Conduct."

  1. Guided by Nippon Shokubai Group Mission of " TechnoAmenity ", we will conduct all of our actions as a good corporate citizen.
  2. We will comply with relevant laws both inside and outside of Japan, and act in accordance with in-house regulations.
  3. We will create and nurture a sound, vibrant workplace, where each individual can hone their professional competence and find fulfillment in their career.
  4. We will develop and market products and services that are both safe and useful, based upon an accurate understanding of social demands.
  5. We will commit ourselves to eliminating labor hazards and accidents, and constantly strive to protect the global environment.
  6. We will conduct business based on fair and open competition.
  7. We will take a firm stance when dealing with unlawful or antisocial groups.
  8. We will ensure frequent communications with our shareholders and members of society in general, and guarantee the appropriate disclosure of corporate information.
  9. With respect for the culture and customs of every nation/region we serve, we will contribute to their development and wellbeing through community-based business undertakings.
  10. We will ensure the solid and sustainable development of the company through business undertakings based soundly upon the above action guidelines.

Corporate Ethics and Action Guidelines

We have summarized the matters that each and every executive and employee should observe in order to act according to the Nippon Shokubai Code of Conduct and with a strong sense of ethics and social common sense as the easy-to-understand Corporate Ethics and Action Guidelines in the Nippon Shokubai Corporate Ethics Guidebook. We distribute the guidebooks and provide corporate ethics training to employees to ensure the penetration and settlement of corporate ethics among employees.

Corporate Ethics and Action Guidelines [493 KB]

Procurement Fundamental Policy

We put our Group Mission into practice throughout the supply chain from raw materials purchasing, manufacturing, sales, use to disposal of products. We have formulated Procurement Fundamental Policy in accordance with our Group Mission and Management Commitment to provide safe and reliable products through our procurement activities.

Procurement Fundamental Policy [302 KB]

About our logo

Our company logo represents the spirit of TechnoAmenity, which is our mindset, aiming to create an affluent and comfortable global environment through chemistry.

The hexagonal symbol is one of the shapes representing chemistry.
Cosmo yellow is the color reflecting the hidden energy of the sun.
Earth green represents the friendliness of the earth.
And the horizon between the two colors represents the future we always seek.