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Responsible Care

Chemical Safety Initiatives

We strive to develop eco-friendly products that are safe and that do not present a health hazard throughout the product life cycle from the R&D stages to disposal at the end of the product service life. Moreover, we will continue to work toward our goal of zero legal and social problems related to chemical substances.
In addition, we are upgrading and reviewing our company regulations and standards for ensuring compliance with national and international chemical product laws and regulations.
Throughout our global operations, we are committed to providing customers with appropriate and timely environmental and safety information regarding the safe handling of our products as well as information on relevant laws and regulations.

Ensuring the safety of new products

We have introduced a gate system at each stage from R&D to production. At each stage we deliberate whether to proceed to the next stage or not in terms of RC in order to maintain safety throughout the process including material procurement, processing, production, application, and disposal.

Gate System

Accommodating the REACH Regulation

Responding to the EU's chemical regulation REACH requires registration and evaluation of both new and existing chemical products. We export many of our products to the countries within the EU, including our superabsorbent polymer, and we maintain manufacturing and sales companies in the EU that carry numerous substances subject to REACH registration.
We have established a system centered on our Chemicals Total Management Committee, and we have promoted the compilation and use of a substance database that stores safety information collected in HPV/LRI and GPS (defined below). The collected information has been used in GHS and the Japan Challenge Program and for safety inspections of products we have developed.
Our policy is to achieve sequential registration as part of the registration effort. We conduct chemical substance risk assessments with the cooperation of fellow dealers and importers in Western countries and obtain the necessary safety information. Following registration, we proceed with comprehensive measures to avoid obstacles to the distribution of our products including our affiliates both within and outside Japan.

Accommodating the REACH Regulation

Product safety initiatives

Our product safety initiatives serve as a form of preventive maintenance that ensures safe use by our customers. We verify product safety including the response to the Product Liability Act by the Product Safety Review Sub-committee. We prepare and inspect GHS-compliant warning labels, safety data sheets (SDS), and yellow cards for the logistics sector and provide information to customers in real time while promoting training sessions for our employees.

Accommodating green procurement

For substances that are regulated or highly hazardous, we have adopted regulations that set forth two categories: "prohibited substances (total ban on use)" and "restricted substances (handling restricted depending on product application)." We are promoting the development of green products and the procurement of raw materials with low environmental impact while determining and controlling the inclusion of such substances in our products. In response to customer requirements regarding the discontinuation and reduction of substances imparting an environmental burden, we are striving to eliminate these hazardous substances from our products and are disclosing appropriate information to customers.

Accommodating chemical product laws

We are responding appropriately to national and international laws and regulations such as the Act on the Evaluation of Chemical Substances and Regulation of Their Manufacture, etc. and the Industrial Safety and Health Act of Japan; the Toxic Substances Control Act of the U.S.A.; REACH; Environmental Management Regulation of China; the Toxic Chemical Control Law of South Korea, and others. These laws require that we collaborate with specialized institutions and our international affiliates in providing notification of new chemical substances.

Addressing import/export controls

In order to ensure better compliance with relevant laws and regulations regarding the import and export of our chemical products, we have incorporated the following two additional chemical safety initiatives: the introduction of an in-house training initiative; and the requirement to determine whether a product is on a list of regulated chemical substances subject to import/export restrictions. We are now taking steps to familiarize our employees with the lists of items subject to import/export restrictions, and to record on the SDS whether a product has been determined to be on a list of items subject to import/export restrictions. In order to ensure thoroughly appropriate export procedures, we have also instituted a shipping management system coordinated with our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) backbone accounting system.