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Get to know our story! Nippon Shokubai

Chapter 2 What are Nippon Shokubai's strengths? Synergies between World-Class R&D and  Manufacturing Technology Capabilities

With researchers willing to wear diapers in the name of science, Nippon Shokubai R&D gets to the heart of our users' experience.

A full fourth of the approximately 2,000 full-time Nippon Shokubai employees are involved in research and development. With this emphasis on research and development, we build on the strength that comes from valuing R&D to create new products and develop technologies that are useful to society.

Approx. 25% R&D staff

Our researchers delve into what it really feels like to wear the diapers they help produce. This is how much passion is behind our unique R&D approach. We are determined to thoroughly understand the end user's experience with our products. This dedication has yielded technologies that are highly acclaimed in Japan and around the world, and it has also earned Nippon Shokubai numerous patents.

Industrial science and technology around the world continue to evolve. In the midst of rapid and dramatic progress, we have created a technical innovation cycle that helps us maintain our world-class R&D capabilities.

Nippon Shokubai production technology capabilities adopted around the world

Nippon Shokubai also boasts world-class manufacturing technology capabilities. We have developed a highly efficient in-house production system that spans the entire process from raw materials through to the final product and minimizes environmental impact when manufacturing chemicals. With this integrated production system, the production process at our plants has itself become a value chain and enables Nippon Shokubai to set up production that best suits our customers' needs.

Our chemical manufacturing technologies are highly regarded in the industry, as well. In the acrylic acid sector, one of Nippon Shokubai's core businesses, our manufacturing technology capabilities have been adopted by about half of the world's production plants.

We are leveraging our unique technological capabilities to construct and expand production plants. We recognize that those at the factory know the situation there best. With this in mind, rather than taking the usual route of leaving the work to a major construction company, Nippon Shokubai does the design and construction of its own plants. As a result, we have acquired unique expertise and capabilities related to manufacturing technology and engineering.

This comprehensive approach to developing proprietary technologies and techniques has secured our manufacturing technology capabilities a world-class ranking in the areas of safety and efficiency. Nippon Shokubai is also able to quickly set up mass-production that meets every customer need, down to the smallest detail.

These are a few of the reasons that customers choose the Nippon Shokubai brand.

We take great pride in our world-class capabilities along every step of the entire process, from R&D through to manufacturing, and we focus in great detail on meeting customer expectations. This is why Nippon Shokubai is the company that so many customers consistently choose.

The Nippon Shokubai brand stands for precisely this kind of excellent performance.

Chapter 3 Where do Nippon Shokubai's strengths come from?