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Ultraviolet absorbent functional resins:HALSHYBRID™UV-G Series

Product Ultraviolet absorbent functional resins:HALSHYBRID™UV-G Series
Applications Coating agent for film

Curing Chemistry

Generally, organic UV absorbents often are added to polymers and coatings to stabilize these materials against the harmful effects of sunlight during use. However, the photodegradation of UV absorbents themselves occurs and UV absorbents bleed out from the polymers and coatings after exposure test.

HALSHYBRID UV-G Series is ultra-weather resistant acrylic polymers to which ultra violet (UV) absorbent functional group and hindered amine group are bound. Therefore, HALSHYBRID UV-G Series shows excellent ultraviolet shielding performance and excellent weatherability even after long exposure test.




* <Combination example of Polyisocyanates>
Polyisocyanates(g)=HALSHYBRID UV-G Series(g)×(hydroxyl value of HALSHYBRID UV-G Series/contents of Polyisocyanates(%))×(42/561)×R
* R=NCO/OH(the chemical equivalent ratio)

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