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Ethylene Oxide Business

Ethylene oxide, which is utilized in a wide range of applications from detergents to building materials, was the first material in Japan to mark an industrialized success via 100% homegrown technology.

1959, Nippon Shokubai began the commercial production of ethylene oxide using domestic technologies for the first time in Japan. Today, ethylene oxide is one of our mainstay products. In 2010, we revamped our manufacturing system to achieve the Japan's top class production capacity for ethylene oxide.

Nippon Shokubai also manufactures derivative products from ethylene oxide, such as ethylene glycols and ethanolamines. They are used in consumer products such as detergents and polyester fibers.

By expanding our derivative products, we have stabilized the foundation of our ethylene oxide business.

Ethylene Oxide Business

Product Introduction

Fabric detergents (Ethylene oxide, Ethanolamine, SOFTANOL™)
Fabric detergents
(Ethylene oxide, Ethanolamine, SOFTANOL™)
Polyester resins (Ethylene glycol)
Polyester resins
(Ethylene glycol)
Synthetic detergents (SOFTANOL™)
Synthetic detergents
PET resins(Ethylene glycol)
PET resins
(Ethylene glycol)

Polymers for concrete admixture(AQUALOC™)
Polymers for concrete admixture

Ethylene Oxide & Derivatives Sales

Water Soluble Polymers Sales & Marketing