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Performance Chemicals Business

We globally supply original products that are created by using major Nippon Shokubai products. Also we create new business by linking original technologies in electronic and information materials business.

The Performance Chemicals Business Division supplies original products globally that are created by using major Nippon Shokubai products such as acrylic acid and ethylene oxide as raw materials and adding diverse functions to them.

The Division creates new businesses by linking original technologies in electronics, information and other various materials business.

Product Introduction

Bath agents (Fumaric acid, Succinic acid) Bath agents
(Succinic acid)
Packaging films (EPOMIN™) Packaging films
Optical fibers (N-vinyl pyrrolidone) Optical fibers
(N-vinyl pyrrolidone)
Intermediates for pharmaceuticals (Mandelic acid) Intermediates for pharmaceuticals
(Mandelic acid)

External paints for construction (UWR™) External paints for construction
Flat Panel Display (ACRYCURE™, ACRYVIEWA™) Flat Panel Display

Fine & Specialty Chemicals Sales & Marketing

Performance Polymers Sales & Marketing

E & I Materials Sales & Marketing

Acrylic resin for optical materials   ACRYVIEWA™
Materials for optical difusion films
Spherical fine particles for optical difusion films
Materials for optical antireflecting films Spherical fine particles for optical antireflecting films
Modifier for films Anti-blocking agent (PP.PE.PET)
Spherical fine particles Toner agent
Modifier (for plastics, rubber, paints, ink, adhesives, pressure sensitive paper and so on)
Filler for resin SEAHOSTAR™ KE-S
Resist agent
Resistant plastics for colour filters ACRYCURE™