Creative chemistry

Creative chemistry

Chemistry has limitless possibilities.
The materials we can create with it are clusters of potential.
Dialogues with a wide variety of organizations concerning a range of challenges allow us
to improve the quality and effectiveness of existing products
and even lead the way to brand new products that can solve issues we never realized were there.
Our goal is to provide these solutions to even more people.
Nippon Shokubai will continue to grow and evolve its ability to offer novel solutions.

Come to think of it, diapers with incredible absorption rates,
which have become an essential part of daily life, started with us.

So who knows what surprising solution will be next.
Keep your eyes out for the next exciting solution the chemistry of Nippon Shokubai will have to offer.


Products introduced to the world
by Nippon Shokubai

Product Evolution Breakthroughs from Day One

A small shift in perception became the origin of an essential for babies around the world


Nippon Shokubai set out to create a new water-soluble chemical compound. Against the intention, it absorbed massive amounts of water instead of dissolving. Ultimately, the compound’s surprising absorbency was the inspiration for the superabsorbent polymers used in disposable diapers, helping improve the quality of life of people around the world.

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Pursuing longer battery life and better stability to make the most of limited energy


IONEL™ is used as the electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries.Our distinct manufacturing process results in longer battery life, input and output performance, and capacity retention in storage.
We were the first to establish technology for mass-producing LiFSI, and have secured a number of patents accordingly. We expect this product to contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality through its adoption in electric vehicles.

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Supporting the development of products that can resolve the world’s environmental issues


Nippon Shokubai became the first company in the world to successfully commercialize the functional polymer, EPOCROS™, with our accumulated synthetic organic chemistry and polymer science technologies.
In recent years, expectations have mounted for its role in the development of safety-focused products for resolving environmental issues. EPOCROS™ is helping many companies shift away from VOCs and organic solvents and toward water-based products.

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Product information

Core Technologies That Underpin Nippon Shokubai’s Solutions

Production technology and research and development.
By creating these innovative technologies, we create and deliver the products the world needs as well as new value.

Continuously integrate and innovate around three core technologies

We use world-class vapor phase oxidation to consistently produce acrylic acid, ethylene oxide, and other basic chemicals.
We create products that contribute to the global environment and people’s lifestyles while integrating and innovating our core technologies—inorganic catalyst, organic synthesis, and polymer —with new technologies.

Leveraging digital transformations to accelerate R&D

We promote digital transformations to expedite innovations in development and mass production and speed up our delivery of value.
We are using materials informatics—a field of study based on data science—to accelerate our research and development. Other efforts toward that end include developing systems for storing experimental data and networking laboratories and instrumentation to gather data more efficiently.
Our aim is to carry out swift, streamlined research and development based on data science while leveraging researchers’ knowledge and experience.

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Providing Solutions for a Sustainable Society

TechnoAmenity: Providing prosperity and comfort to people and society, with our unique technology
Putting this Group Mission into practice is the way to realization of a sustainable society.

As a chemical company, consideration of environmental impact is top priority

We are working to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG), specifically by using bio-based materials and green energy and providing materials and solutions that reduce CO2 emissions.
We are also reducing and minimizing the negative impacts of waste and chemical emissions on ecosystems in an effort to realize a sound material-cycle society.
We will work to ensure that a better global environment is passed on to the next generation.

Creating opportunities for active participation in pursuit of prosperity and comfort

In this day and age, diversity is a must.
We aim to create a culture in which everyone can flourish and grow, specifically by promoting diversity and inclusion in addition to deploying flexible systems that support various work styles and human resources management systems that encourage exploration.
Consistent with our Safety Philosophy—Safety takes priority over production—we develop comfortable and secure working environments. We strengthen talent of our group to provide prosperity and comfort to people and society.

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To continue providing solutions

The Long-term Vision of the Nippon Shokubai Group —TechnoAmenity for the future outlines the goals
we aim to reach by 2030.
We undertake our efforts in pursuit of the three transformations: business transformation,
strategic transformation for environmental initiatives, and organizational transformation.

Long-term Vision for FY2030 TechnoAmenity for the future

FY2030 goals

  • Provide materialsand solutions requiredby people and society
  • Become a chemical companythat keeps evolvingby identifying social trends
  • Developwithvarious stakeholdersinside and outside the company
FY2022-FY2024 Strengthening of the foundation →Transformation FY2025-FY2027 Acceleration FY2028-FY2030 Leap→Realization

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Our pursuit of the possibilities of chemistry

We have provided unique technologies and chemical products that create value in diverse industries, thereby supporting a prosperous, comfortable society.

Nippon Shokubai Group Mission Techno Amenity TechnoAmenity Providing affluence and comfort to people and society, with our unique technology.

Nippon Shokubai is a worldwide chemical manufacturerthat provides materials and solutions required by people and society.
We make contributions in a wide range of segments, from disposable diapers, detergents,and other consumer goods to ICT business,
next-generation batteries and other forms of energy, oligonucleotide drugs, cosmetics, and other life sciences.

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