Research and Development Strategies

Message from Top Management

Innovation &
Business Development
Yasutaka Sumida


We will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by putting the Group Mission into practice. Our R&D Division aims to continue creating competitive product lines by further advancing our capacity to develop key materials centered on the three core technologies we have cultivated to date (Inorganic Catalyst, Organic Synthesis, Polymer ), all in an effort to respond to customers more swiftly and improve their level of satisfaction.

Nippon Shokubai R&D Division = Where Human Capital , Technologies, and Data Intersect and Interact

We intend to expand our solutions business by combining technologies from all of our research departments to create new value, working with other organizations in industry, government and academia, improving the capacity of our technology for assessments and analysis in key domains, promoting the advancement of computer science and the establishment of digital R&D infrastructure, and channeling the results of these efforts into marketing activities.

Efforts to Achieve Carbon Neutrality

As a chemical company, we view increasing hydrogen utilization, CO2 capture and utilization , advancing the electrification of motor vehicles, strengthening environmental regulations, realizing energy conservation, and other societal issues as opportunities, and leverage our strengths to provide highly unique products and technologies that contribute to the environment, thereby rising to the challenge of achieving carbon neutrality.

FY2030 Goals of Nippon Shokubai R&D Division

  • Swiftly develop customer-oriented materials and solutions and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society
  • Possess, acquire, and continuously advance world-class core technologies to ensure competitiveness in target markets
  • Actively exchange information with people inside and outside the company to engage in collaboration that sparks innovation


Contribute to the earth and humankind with
world-class technologies and human capital

R&D Strategies

Promote the development of new technologies, create/cultivate new businesses

  • Swiftly respond to customers’ needs
  • Set technological development targets
  • Enhance capability to explore new markets

Contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society

  • Adapt to an age of carbon neutrality
  • Intensify business development for eco-friendly technologies

Strengthen our R&D organization

  • Secure talent and allocate flexibly
  • Promote the use of tools for efficient research and development
  • Enhance cross-organizational functions (intellectual property strategies, human capital strategies)

Digital transformation initiatives


Expedite R&D by gathering and managing data and rigorously implementing MI

  • Accelerate research and development

    Use MI to accelerate research and development

  • Exhaustively gather and manage research data

    Develop a standard format and system for gathering and managing experimental data

  • Streamline data gathering

    Connect laboratories to the IoT to gather data more efficiently

Select coherent, relevant projects

  • Match potential products and services to existing needs

    Use natural language processing to provide support for matching potential products and services to existing needs

Use digital technology to streamline operations

  • Automate/streamline laboratory work

    Automate/network devices to streamline laboratory work

Strengthen talent who will lead the company’s digital transformation

  • Multitalented talent

    Cultivate researchers capable of mastering the skills to gather, manage, and analyze data

  • Experts and specialists

    Cultivate and employ experts who will lead the company in data science and informatics

  • MI: Materials informatics

System for Managing/Auditing Spending of Public Grants for Research

We have established a system for managing and auditing our spending of public grants for research as well as basic policies for preventing the misuse of public funds.

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