Research and Development Organization/Locations

Research and Development Organization

Research and Development Organization

Research Center

We strive to acquire underlying technology and invent next-generation materials toward a new businesses – potentially our core business – in our targeted priority area.

Development locations: Suita (headquarters), Kawasaki

Materials Evaluation and Analysis Research Center

We provide prompt and accurate solutions, combining analysis technology, evaluation technology and computer science to handle the technical issues faced by each section (research, technology and production). We also play a leading role to introduce advanced analysis and evaluation technologies.

Development locations:Suita (headquarters), Himeji

Data Science & Informatics Promotion Department

We work on providing data driven solutions for material research and production by combining information technology with chemical expertise. We also aim to develop a chemical informatics platform and cultivate organizational data literacy for enhancement of sustainable competency.

Development locations:Suita (headquarters), Himeji

Process Catalysts Research Department

We focus on establishing a process for manufacturing acrylic acid from biomass feedstock and creating next-generation catalyst technology in addition to developing catalysts for manufacturing chemicals centering on catalysts to manufacture acrylic acid toward establishing eco-friendly chemical manufacturing technology.

Development locations:Himeji

Environmental Catalysts Research Department

We are engaged in research and development of environmental catalysts such as NOx removal catalyst, dioxin decomposing catalyst, and wastewater treatment catalyst. In addition, we work on the development of carbon neutral technologies such as CO2 capture and utilization, and ammonia cracking catalyst to generate hydrogen.

Development locations:Himeji (headquarters), Suita

Green Innovation Department

In addition to creating our green innovation strategy, we are promoting a wide range of initiatives including planning and development of environmental contribution products in collaboration with other departments, and research and development of green chemicals utilizing biomass feedstocks or bioprocesses.

Development locations:Suita

Health & Medical Business Division
Research & Development Group/Manufacturing Technology Group

To create new value, we are expanding the contract manufacturing business of GMP API of middle molecular drugs, such as oligonucleotides and oligopeptides, and are providing consistent services from synthesis examination to manufacturing and analysis. To deliver drugs to patients as soon as possible, we play a part in drug development by conducting development of custom technologies such as synthesis/analysis technology and DDS (Drug Delivery System) technology.
For more information:Health & Medical Business Division

Development locations:Suita

Cosmetics Business Division
Research & Development Group

We have been developing high-function cosmetic ingredients using our original materials and technologies, with skin care, hair care and related fields as our core targets. We aim to create a “Proposal-based cosmetics business” with a unique story, not only through our unique ingredients, but also by combining external technologies such as natural ingredients and processing technologies, formulation development, and efficacy evaluation.

Development locations:Suita

Water & Environment Solutions Business Department

We have been developing highly functional materials which can contribute to the sustainable water circulation, from water production to wastewater treatment in order to meet the global demand for the acquisition, effective utilization and purification of water resources.

Development locations:Suita (headquarters), Kawasaki

Printing Materials Business Department

In addition to proposing our own unique water-based materials such as ink binders and primers, we also conduct research and development to meet the diverse future needs of the printing industry with formulation and composite technologies.

Development locations:Suita

Superabsorbents Research Department

We are consistently engaged in activities related to superabsorbents, such as basic research, development of new products and processes, and utilization and provision of technical services, while supporting our core businesses to expand our overseas operations from a technological perspective.

Development locations:Himeji

Industrial & Household
Chemicals Research Department

We are taking on the challenge of the research and development of the performance materials with new value for broad applications, from daily consumer goods such as detergents to industrial fields such as automobiles, housing, construction, and water treatment.

Development locations:Suita

Electronics & Imaging Materials Research Department

We are engaged in research and development of high-performance materials such as resin for optical materials, resist polymers for color filters, and fine particles, maximizing our unique monomer and key technologies in the area of electronics and imaging.

Development locations:Suita (headquarters), Himeji

Battery Materials Research Department

We strive to research and develop battery materials such as lithium secondary batteries and next-generation batteries, as well as clean energy-related materials such as fuel cell and alkaline water electrolysis, etc.

Development locations:Suita (headquarters), Himeji

IONEL Research Department

In order to supply our IONEL™ worldwide, a new electrolyte used in lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, we are striving to develop cutting-edge process technologies.

Development locations:Suita

Process Technology Center

We are responsible for the development of mass production processes and scale-up technologies through experiments from laboratory to pilot plant. We also promote early commercialization of new products by supporting large-scale sample production and supply chain studies, including profitability assessments.

Development locations:Suita (headquarters), Himeji