Introductory Videos about Nippon Shokubai

Company Overview

Corporate Profile Video (10:28)

Nippon Shokubai is a worldwide chemical manufacturer that provides materials and solutions required by people and society.We make contributions in a wide range of segments, from disposable diapers, detergents, and other consumer goods to ICT business, next-generation batteries and other forms of energy, oligonucleotide drugs, cosmetics, and other life sciences.

Co-creation office that generates connections: Osaka Office renovation (2:48)

In July 2022, our Osaka Office underwent a total renovation.
We chose an open plan to allow our employees to select the best place to work based on the tasks at hand, empowering them to choose their own work style.We also built open meeting spaces and a cafeteria that doubles as a multipurpose room to stimulate communication between employees.

*To prevent the spread of the COVID-19, employees normally wear masks in the office, but they removed their masks only during the filming. We took the utmost care for the safety of our employees and staff by maintaining an appropriate distance from each other during filming.