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Social Contribution

Social Contribution Policy
Guided by the Nippon Shokubai Group Mission of "TechnoAmenity - Providing affluence and comfort to people and society with our unique technology, " we have adopted a number of social initiatives. These include maintaining clear and open communication with the public as a good corporate citizen that protects the natural environment, works in harmony with local communities and trains the next generation.

Protecting the Natural Environment

With the awareness that all our business activities benefit from the natural environment and impact the natural environment, we are committed to mitigating climate change and protecting the natural environment to preserve biodiversity.

Forest Development Initiatives

Our employees have volunteered to participate in activities to protect and restore the natural environment. These activities are aimed at training individuals to think independently and take action on the environment.

Contributing to Our Forests and Water Resources

Research on creatures in Akasai River
We have been, for example, undertaking management of the headwater forest in the Akasai Valley where originates the Ibo River that passes by our Himeji Plant.
Location Akasai Valley, Hara, Haga-cho, Shiso-shi, Hyogo prefecture
Activities Forest improvement, river biological surveys, and other activities
Start of activity November 2008
Contributing to the "Yugawara Myriad Leaves Forest"

Yugawara Myriad Leaves Forest
In the headwater forest of upper reaches of the Shinzaki River in Yugawaramachi, we conduct forest improvement and nature observation tours.
Location Kajiya, Yugawara-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa prefecture
Activities Forest improvement, nature observation tours, and other activities
Start of activity November 2013
Japan-Indonesia Friendship Forest Development in Bantan Bay and Biodiversity Conservation

Planting saplings
Nippon Shokubai has launched an initiative aimed at restoring mangrove forests in Banten Province in the Republic of Indonesia, where PT. NIPPON SHOKUBAI INDONESIA is located.
Location Serang, Banten Province, Republic of Indonesia
Activities Tree planting
Start of activity September 2018
Japan-China Friendship Forest Development and Global Warming Prevention

Trees firmly rooted and
grown in the desert area
In order to prevent desertification in inland China and regenerate the vast forests that were once there, we have been undertaking tree planting in this area, and observing the growth of the trees.
Location Ejin Horo Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China
Activities Afforestation, maintenance, management, and the like
Start of activity October 2008

Conserving and Popularizing the "Nojigiku" Chrysanthemum

Nojigiku in a conservation garden

In order to rescue, conserve, and popularize the endangered "Nojigiku" chrysanthemum, the Hyogo prefectural flower, we began cultivating it in 1972. We have been distributing seedlings every year since 1974 in cooperation with Hyogo Prefecture. In fiscal 2019, we distributed 25,000 seedings to 316 organizations, including local governments, kindergartens, elementary and junior high schools and community associations.