Management Policies/Plans

Consistent with the Group Mission, “TechnoAmenity,” we will keep contributing to the realization of a sustainable society with our proprietary solutions.

Image of Management Policies/Plans

Long-term Vision

We have drawn up the long-term vison for 2030 “TechnoAmenity for the future”, for the future growth of the Nippon Shokubai Group.

FY2030 goals

Image of FY2030 goals

Three Transformations

We are promoting the following three transformations in pursuit of our goals for FY2030.

1. Business Transformation

We will transform portfolio from existing fields to growth fields.
We will drastically reshape the Materials business to strengthen our business foundation while expanding the highly profitable Solutions business.

2. Strategic Transformation for Environmental Initiatives

We will augment our achievement of sustainability toward the realization of carbon neutrality by 2050, for example by reducing CO2, recycling, and implementing decarbonization initiatives.

3. Organizational Transformation

We aim to transform into an organization with sustainable growth and a company where diverse human resources are motivated to work. Specifically, we will promote delegation in an effort to expedite decision-making. We will also introduce a human resources management system to appreciate talent who take on challenges.

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Mid-term Management Plan

We formulated specific action plan in this mid-term management plan that defines the first three years of actions to solidify a foundation in each of our fields and spearhead various initiatives toward transformations that will accomplish our long-term vision for FY2030.

Image of Mid-term Management Plan

Corporate Governance

We consider viable corporate governance to be essential and have adopted initiatives toward that end. We ensure the rights and equality of our shareholders and maintain an open dialogue, collaborate with various stakeholders as appropriate, disclose information as appropriate and ensure transparency, ensure that the roles of Board Meeting and management teams relate to the appropriate execution of duties, ensure appropriate supervision of the execution of these duties and strengthen and enhance our internal control systems.

Corporate Governance