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Message from the President

We will continue to contribute to
the realization of a sustainable society
through the practice of "TechnoAmenity"

President Yujiro Goto

President Yujiro Goto

Nippon Shokubai has been conducting our business activities with the aim of contributing to society under Nippon Shokubai Group Mission "TechnoAmenity-Providing affluence and comfort to people and society, with our unique technology".
Chemicals that we deal with are transformed into materials and products that make our lives convenient and comfortable in all activities involving clothing, food and housing, and are indispensable in various parts of our daily lives. However, in promoting our business, we believe that it is important not only to pursue material affluence, but also to be conscious of the "richness of mind and heart" beyond the material wealth.

In recent years, the social environment surrounding our company has significantly changed, and social interest for sustainability, such as global warming and plastic pollution, has further increased. The Japanese government has set a target to accomplish carbon neutral by 2050, and it is expected that further reduction of environmental impact and economic development will be achieved at the same time.
Furthermore, we are facing the unprecedented crisis of the spread of new coronavirus infections (COVID-19), and the business environment is extremely harsh. However, we positively accept the severe situation, and regard it as an opportunity to reconsider ideal ways of our business and organization, and the measures we ought to take for our continuous growth.

We provide a wide variety of materials as products, which include the basic chemicals, e.g., ethylene oxide and acrylic acid and the functional chemicals made from these basic chemicals. We think that we are able to contribute to our customers and consumers through our supply chain, by the way of integrating our principle of valuing the considerations for environment and society into our business activities, including not only procuring raw materials and manufacturing process but also developing new products. Therefore, we have organized the project team in the R&D department and are exploring or implementing the research themes related to sustainability, such as reducing the environmental impact, responding to climate change, and realizing a recycling-oriented society. We also initiate to consider the SDGs adopted by the United Nations when selecting such research themes.
Regarding superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) which is one of our main products, we succeeded in developing new recycling technologies through the joint research by the three companies: LiveDo Corporation, a major disposable diaper manufacturer, TOTAL CARE SYSTEM and us. As initiatives for climate change, we will consider using bio-propylene and bio-ethylene and expanding the use of renewable energy and actively address the environmental issue in a timely manner.

Furthermore, we are still committed to maintaining safe and stable operations, ensuring strict compliance, promoting diversity, conducting management through our supply-chain as an indispensable basis of business continuity. We will be steadily engaged in them and improve our level of them.
We also believe that the most important role of management is to respect our employee and encourage them to grow. Last year, we formulated a diversity and inclusion policy.
Additionally, we intend to create the work environment to increase employees’ motivation including promoting work style reform and providing the opportunities for discussions across various departments.

"Amenity" in TechnoAmenity of our group mission has the meaning of "healthy, convenient, pleasant and attractive environment with hope for the future that people are happy to live in, in harmony with nature and culture". This is also closely relevant to the idea of SDGs.
We will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through the practice of "TechnoAmenity", with a strong sense of responsibility as an essential business for society.