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Message from the President

President  Yujiro Goto

We will focus on technology in targeting major progress toward our Vision for 2025.

Second president and key founding figure of the Nippon Shokubai Group, Taizo Yatagai, espoused the importance of technology-driven management. True to that legacy, we contribute to society based on our Group Mission: “TechnoAmenity – Providing affluence and comfort to people and society, with our unique technology.” Moreover, as expressed in our Corporate Credo, “Safety takes priority over production,” safe and reliable operations remain the cornerstone of our management. To foster even greater public trust as a chemical company, we link all of our corporate activities to the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) and actively carry out initiatives to honor our corporate social responsibility.

Primarily serving corporate customers, the Nippon Shokubai Group provides chemical products that create value in diverse industries. Working largely behind the scenes, we nonetheless support many industries and thus an affluent, comfortable society. You can rest assured that we will continue to do so by leveraging our extensive portfolio of technologies and our ability to develop new ones.

Our Vision for 2025 is to be “an innovative chemical company that provides new value for people’s lives.” It guides us in fulfilling our mission as we evolve in anticipation of a new era of change and growth. We are also executing Reborn Nippon Shokubai 2020 NEXT, our medium-term business plan for the four years from fiscal 2017 through fiscal 2020. Sound growth is the key to achieving the goals of the plan.  We are therefore concentrating on strengthening existing businesses while taking on the challenge of sustainable growth in new fields where we can leverage our strengths, including life sciences, energy and environment, and ICT.

The Nippon Shokubai Group will vigorously pursue its Group Mission by accurately identifying the needs of society and meeting them quickly with new products and services. As we do so, we look forward to your continued understanding and support.

President  Yujiro Goto