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Title Responsibilities Name
Member of the Board, President   Yujiro Goto *
Member of the Board,
Senior Managing Executive Officer
Administration, HR, Finance, Accounting, Information Technology
IT Management Office,
ERP Innovation Project
Masao Yamamoto *
Innovation & Business Development
Health & Medical Business Development Office,
Malonates Business Development Office,
Cosmetics Business Office
Yojiro Takahashi
Member of the Board,
Managing Executive Officer
Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Logistics, Business Development
Basic Materials Business Div.,
Business Planning & Development Dept.
Koichiro Yamada
Production, Technology, Engineering
Production Div.,
Engineering Div.,
Indonesia Project,
DX Promotion Team
Jiro Iriguchi
Member of the Board, Executive Officer Director of Corporate Planning Div. Yukihiro Matsumoto
Member of the Board   Kozo Arao
  Shinji Hasebe
  Tetsuo Setoguchi
Statutory Corporate Auditor   Yoshihiro Arita
  Teruhisa Wada
  Yoichiro Komatsu
  Yoritomo Wada
Managing Executive Officer
Innovation & Business Development Div. Kin-ya Nagasuna
Director of Energy & Electronics Solutions Div. Masaya Yoshida
Plant Manager of Kawasaki Plant Teruo Kamei
Industrial & Household Solutions Div. Ren Hasebe
Executive Officer
Plant Manager of Himeji Plant Kazukiyo Arakawa
Director of Responsible Care Div. Gun Saito
Director of Acrylics Business Div. Katsunori Kajii
Director of Purchasing & Logistics Div. Masahiro Watanabe
Director of Superabsorbents Business Div. Kazuhiro Noda
Director of Finance & Accounting Div. Takashi Kobayashi
Director of General Affairs & HR Div. Kuniaki Takagi

* Representative

(as of April 1, 2020)



(as of April 1, 2020)