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ESG Data


AspectClassificationScope UnitFY2015FY2016FY2017
Prevention of global warmingEnergy consumption (crude oil equivalent)Nippon Shokubai1,000 kL194196195
Group Companies in Japan272727
Group Companies outside Japan918686
Energy intensity Nippon Shokubai (Manufacturing site)L/ton-production volume10910398
CO2 emissionsNippon Shokubai1,000 tons -CO2765780797
Group Companies in Japan626363
Group Companies outside Japan323318304
Energy source CO2 emissions intensityNippon Shokubai (Manufacturing site)tons/tons-production volume0.2190.2040.194
Amount of calculated leakage of fluorocarbonsNippon Shokubaitons-CO22,5132,2766,162
Scope3 emissions(Category No.1~7)Nippon Shokubai1,000 tons - CO21,6101,7041,744
Environmental conservation for logisticsCO2 emissions attributable to domestic logisticsNippon Shokubai1,000 tons - CO213.114.014.7
CO2 emissions intensity attributable to domestic logisticsNippon Shokubaikg/1,000 ton k56.557.459.0
Water consumptionWater consumptionNippon Shokubaimillion m314.815.315.3
Prevention of air and water pollutionSOx emissionsNippon Shokubaitons3.33.42.8
Group Companies in Japan1.61.91.5
NOx emissionsNippon Shokubaitons158193189
Group Companies in Japan544448
Dust emissionsNippon Shokubaitons4.95.75.9
Group Companies in Japan5.02.72.3
VOC emissionsNippon Shokubaitons676070
COD of wastewaterNippon Shokubaitons465154
Group Companies in Japan373445
Total phosphorous emissionsNippon Shokubaitons2.72.82.8
Group Companies in Japan1.31.63.6
Total nitrogen emissionsNippon Shokubaitons515447
Waste reductionWaste ※1Nippon Shokubai1,000 tons3.23.92.9
Group Companies in Japan5.55.55.5
Group Companies outside Japan1.42.30.4
Quantity of recyclingNippon Shokubai1,000 tons374040
Group Companies in Japan2.32.22.3
Group Companies outside Japan8.68.46.8
Quantity of final off-site landfillNippon Shokubaitons762223
Group Companies in Japan1199769
Group Companies outside Japan395302259
Chemical managementSubstances subject to the PRTR lawNippon Shokubaitons1089897
Group Companies in Japan343436
Environmental accountingEnvironmental protection cost (Investment)Nippon Shokubaimillion yen484461821
Environmental protection cost(Expense)Nippon Shokubai6,9827,4297,894
Economic effect resulting from environmental protection initiativesNippon Shokubai2,6554,2925,346

※1 The quantity of off-site waste emission is obtained by subtracting the quantity of on-site reduction, on-site recycling and on-site landfill from the quantity of waste generated.


AspectClassificationScope UnitFY2015FY2016FY2017
EmployeesNumber of employeesNumber of employeesConsolidatedpersons4,0064,1614,219
Number of employeesNippon Shokubai2,1732,2072,253
MaleNippon Shokubai1,98320222069
FemaleNippon Shokubai190185184
Percentage of femaleNippon Shokubai%
Number of managersNumber of managersNippon Shokubaipersons502516521
MaleNippon Shokubai494506509
FemaleNippon Shokubai81012
Percentage of female Nippon Shokubai%
Average ageNippon Shokubaiages37.637.937.8
Length of serviceAverage length
of service
Nippon Shokubaiyears15.516.116.0
MaleNippon Shokubai15.716.216.1
FemaleNippon Shokubai13.114.114.4
Participation rate of labor union ※2Nippon Shokubai%68.568.468.8
EmploymentNumber of hiresNumber of new graduate hires (College graduate)Nippon Shokubaipersons453944
MaleNippon Shokubai423538
FemaleNippon Shokubai346
Percentage of femaleNippon Shokubai%6.710.313.6
Number of mid-career hiresNippon Shokubaipersons689
MaleNippon Shokubai368
FemaleNippon Shokubai321
Percentage of female Nippon Shokubai%
Number of foreign national employeesNippon Shokubaipersons455
Employment rate of persons with disabilitiesNippon Shokubai%
Re-employmentRe-employment rate of retired employeesNippon Shokubai77.381.683.9
Turnover・LayoffTurnover rate of regular employees (Personal reason)Nippon Shokubai1.21.51.4
Work-Life Balance Child CareNumber of employees using child care leave
(Total numbers for fiscal year)
Nippon Shokubaipersons162524
MaleNippon Shokubai032
FemaleNippon Shokubai162222
Number of employees using reduced working hours system for child careNippon Shokubai252629
Return rate from child care leave of absenceNippon Shokubai%100100100
Nursing CareNumber of employees using nursing care leave and personal reasons of absenceNippon Shokubaipersons000
Paid leaveAverage annual paid
leave acquisition days
per employee
(Labor union member)
Nippon Shokubaidays11.912.712.3
Rate of taking annual paid leave
(Labor union member)
Nippon Shokubai%62.667.466.1
Average annual paid leave acquisition days per employee
Nippon Shokubaidays--9.8
Rate of taking annual paid leave (Management)Nippon Shokubai%--49.1
Average annual paid leave acquisition days per employee
Nippon Shokubaidays--11.5
Rate of taking annual paid leave (All)Nippon Shokubai%--60.7
Working hoursAverage overtime hours (Hours/Month)Nippon Shokubaihours15.216.416.1
Human rightNumber of Child Labor
and Force Labor
Human resources developmentTrainingTotal number of hours spent on employee's trainingNippon Shokubaihours--53,450
Training time per employeeNippon Shokubai--23.7
Occupational safety and healthNumber of injuries
with loss of workdays
Nippon Shokubainumbers011
Partner company113
Frequency of injuries with
loss of workdays
Nippon Shokubai%
Social contributionExpenseAmount paid for activities on social contributions (incl. Donation)Nippon Shokubaimillion yen149118100
DonationNippon Shokubai835742
Volunteer activity Number of participants for "Japan-China Friendship Forest Development and Global Warming Prevention"Nippon Shokubaipersons17175 ※3
Number of participants for "Contributing to Our Forests and Water Resources"Nippon Shokubai228236257
Number of participants for "Contributing to the "Yugawara Myriad Leaves Forest""Nippon Shokubai167150151
ComplianceNumber of participants in the rank-based training for corporate ethicsNippon Shokubaipersons500
(Mid level employees)
(General employees)
Number of internal reportingsNippon Shokubainumbers121
Compliance with laws and regulationsNumber of violators for "For Compliance with Anti-Bribery Laws in Nippon Shokubai Group's Code of Conduct"Consolidatedpersons000
Fine and penalty for briberyConsolidatedyen000
Number of violators for "For Compliance with Competition Laws in Nippon Shokubai Group's Code of Conduct"Consolidatedpersons000
ContributionPolitical ContributionNippon Shokubaiyen000

※2 All applicable employees join the labor union based on the Union Shop Agreement.

※3 Because of preparatory period for coming new activities, the secretariat and NPO members performed maintenance work.

Corporate Governance

AspectClassificationScope UnitFY2015FY2016FY2017
Related information for managementNumber of Board of DirectorsMembers of the Board (incl. External Members of the Board)Nippon Shokubaipersons899
External Members of the BoardNippon Shokubai233
Number of Board of AuditorsAuditors (incl. External Auditors)Nippon Shokubaipersons444
External AuditorsNippon Shokubai222
External Officers composition ratio of the Nominating and Compensation Committee ※4Nippon Shokubai-66.766.7
Compensation of Members of the Board (except External Members of the Board)Nippon Shokubaimillion yen394364391
Compensation of Auditors (except External Auditors)Nippon Shokubai454648
Compensation of External Officers (except External Auditors) Nippon Shokubai223236
ShareholderVoting rights for Bonus for Member of the BoardNippon Shokubaivoting rightsYesYesYes
DividendInterimNippon Shokubaiyen657575
AnnualNippon Shokubai150160160
Payout RatioConsolidated23.431.426.3

※4 The Nominating and Compensation Committee was established in 2016.