Ethanolamine Ethanolamine

Basic Information

Product Name
<CAS No.>
AbbreviationChemical Structure Appearance and Main Properties Packing TypeApplications
MEA Colorless Transparent liquid
Specific Gravity(20/20℃):1.0174
Boiling Point :171℃
Freezing Point (°C): 10.5
Viscosity (20℃):24.1cps.
Tank truck、Drum

Synthetic detergents, Gas absorbents, Metal corrosion inhibitors, Detergents for electronic materials, Waxes

DEA Colorless and transparent, viscous liquid
Specific Gravity(30/20℃):1.0919
Boiling Point :269℃
Freezing Point (°C): 28.0
Viscosity (30℃):380cps.
Tank truck, Drum
TEA Transparent, viscous liquid
Specific Gravity(20/20℃):1.1258
Boiling Point :361℃
Freezing Point (°C): 21.2
Viscosity (20℃):1013cps.
Tank truck, Drum

Applicable Laws and Regulations

Fire Service Act: Hazardous materials, Category IV Class III Petroleums
Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act: Deleterious substances (only monoethanolamine)
Ship Safety Act: Appended Table 3 of the Notification of Regulations on the Transport and Storage of Dangerous Goods by Ship (excluding corrosive substances and triethanolamine), Act on Prevention of Marine Pollution and Maritime Disaster: Category D substances
Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law: Export Trade Control Ordinance Appended Table 1-3 (only triethanolamine), Act on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the Regulation of Specific Chemicals: Class 2 Designated Chemical Substances (only triethanolamine)