Materials for Displays, Sensors, and Optical Parts

Optical films

Resist for color filters

Primers for PET films

Fillers for sealing materials

Light diffusion agents for optical films, matting agents, pore forming agents

Antireflective films, high precision gap control agents

Nanofillers with a high refractive index

Refractive index adjustment

Antistatic materials

Ultraviolet (UV) absorption

Near infrared absorption, heat ray absorption

Optical adhesive

Surface light sources

Flexible Devices

Coating agents, Adhesives

Flexible light sources



Electric conductors and semiconductors

Copper clad laminates, interlayer insulating materials

Printed circuit boards, copper clad laminates, interlayer insulating materials

Heat dissipation materials

Optical Fibers

Reactive diluents

Coatings for cables and wires