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Monosodium fumarate : MONOFUMAR™


Product Monosodium fumarate: MONOFUMAR™

Chemical Structure

CAS No. 5873-57-4
Formula C4H3NaO4
Molecular Weight 138.05
Packing 25 kg net paper bag
Applications Acidulant (jam, cyder, jelly, pickles, etc.)

"MONOFUMAR" (Monosodium fumarate) is widely used as an acidulant mainly for juice, baking powder for bread and cakes, seasoning etc., and is a food additive that sufficiently covers the weakpoints of fumaric acid.

Characteristics of "MONOFUMAR"

  1. Maintains fresh flavor.
    The freshness of the fruit juice contained inside the fruit is preserved by shutting out the open air from the liquid cavity and maintains a suitable oxidation-reduction potent. However, the cell membrane will be destroyed during the squeezing, concentration and storage and when it is exposed to open air, the freshness of the natural flavor will be lost through oxidation. When "MONOFUMAR" is added to this unfresh taste, it produces a suitable resolution effect by the double bond with "MONOFUMAR" and has the effect to preserve necessary oxidation-reduction potent for fresh juice and will maintain the fresh flavor.
  2. The buffer effect brings up a natural acid flavor which natural juice preserves.
    A considerable amount of organic acids are recognized in the natural juice and the buffer effect that occurs in the juice itself helps to prevent the acid taste to exceed. It is possible for the end-product to hold the natural, mild acid taste equally to what natural juice preserves by adding the proper dose of organic acids and at the same time, adding "MONOFUMAR" during the process of manufacturing fruit juice.
  3. Solubility against water is satisfactory compared to that of fumaric acid.
    Comparison of solubility in 100 cc water (g)
    Temperature 25 C 40 C 60 C 100 C
    Fumaric Acid 0.63 1.07 2.40 5.67
    "MONOFUMAR" 6.86 10.74 18.15 30.20
    Fumaric acid has a disadvantage on a difficulty to dissolve through water but "MONOFUMAR" has benefits by dissolving 10 times better. It has become widely appreciated amongst the beverage industry.
  4. Using together with citric acid improves the acidity.


Item Unit Specification
Description -- White crystalline powder, Odorless, Characteristic acidic taste
Identification (1) -- *Proceed as directed in Identification (3) & (4) for Fumaric Acid.
Identification (2) -- Monosodium Fumarate responds to all tests for Sodium Salt.
Content % 98.0~102.0
pH -- 3.0~4.0
(1) Clarity & color of solution -- Colorless and clear.
(2) Sulfate (as SO4) % 0.010 max.
(3) Lead (as Pb) µg/g 2 max.
(4) Arsenic (as As) µg/g 3 max.
Loss on Drying % 0.5 max.
Residue on Ignition % 50.5~52.5

Testing methods are according to the Japan's Specifications and Standards for Food Additives (9th Edition).

* Identification of Fumaric Acid

  1. (3) The color of the solution disappears.
  2. (4) A green-blue fluorescence appears under ultraviolet light.

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