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Disodium Succinate : SS50™


Product Disodium Succinate: SS50™

Chemical Structure

CAS No. 6106-21-4
Formula C4H4Na2O4・6H2O
Molecular Weight 270.14
Packing 20 kg net paper bag
Applications Seasoning, Agents for Soy sauce,Boiled fish paste, Ham, Cracker, Pickled wasabi, Plating

It is nowadays a fact and common sense that glutamic acid, inosinic acid, succinic acid and salts contribute to giving relish and deliciousness to foods. Above all, our "SS50", disodium succinate as food grade, has been spotlighted as an important ingredient of complex seasoning agents and particularly, it's characteristic shellfish (clams)- like taste has been appreciated for applications to different types of processed foods.

Characteristics of "SS50"

  1. "SS50" gives a particular shellfish (clams)-like taste.
  2. "SS50" is, of course, used independently as a seasoning agent, but when it is used together with monosodium glutamate (MSG), the deliciousness and the relish are multiplied and deepened.
  3. "SS50" softens other stimulating strong tastes, such as salt and acid.
  4. As "SS50" is of good water solubility and of high penetration, as a result, the seasoning effects is well accelerated.
    Solubility in 100 cc water (g)
    Temperature 0 C 25 C 50 C 75 C
    SS50 18 35 67 86

Specification Item

Item Unit Specification
Description -- White crystalline powder, Odorless, Characteristic taste
Identification -- Disodium Succinate responds to all tests for Sodium Salt and for Succinate
Content % 98.0 min.
pH -- 7.0~9.0
(1) Sulfate (as SO4) % 0.019 max.
(2) Lead (as Pb) µg/g 2 max.
(3) Arsenic (as As) µg/g 3 max.
(4) Readily oxidizable substances min The pink color of the solution does not disappear within 3 minutes
Loss on Drying % 37.0~41.0

Testing methods are according to the Japan's Specifications and Standards for Food Additives (9th Edition).

Application & dosage

  1. Instant noodles
    Dosage of "SS50" against MSG 15~25% (recommended).
  2. Ham & sausage/ co-use with MSG
    Dosage of "SS50" against MSG
    10%…Result : Deliciousness is increased to satisfactory level.
    15%…Result : There is a slightly acid taste.
    25%…Result : The acid taste is too much.
    Seasoning effects are remarkably seen in fish meat sausages.
  3. "Surimi" foods (fish ball, boiled fish paste, fish paste cake in the form of a tube, etc.) co-use with MSG
    Dosage of "SS50" against MSG 8~13% (recommended)
  4. Soy-sauce, sauce
    Dosage of "SS50" against total weight 0.02~0.04% (recommended)
    Dosage of "SS50" against MSG (for co-use) 10~15% (recommended)
  5. "Miso" (Bean paste)
    Dosage of "SS50" against total weight 0.03% (recommended)
  6. Vinegar
    Dosage of "SS50" against 4% acetic acid solution 0.2~0.3% (recommended)
    Co-use with monosodium fumarate will give better taste by softening strong stimulus acid taste.
  7. Canned seafood (fish, shellfish, cuttlefish, etc.) / co-use with MSG
    Dosage of "SS50" against MSG 10~20% (recommended)
    Usage for canned clam and other shellfish (boiled) is most recommended.

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