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Succinic acid


Product Succinic acid

Chemical Structure

CAS No. 110-15-6
Formula C4H6O4
Molecular Weight 118.09
Packing 20 kgs net paper bag, 500 kgs net flexible container bag
Applications Acidic seasoning for Sake, Synthetic liquor, miso, soy sauce, soft drink, confectionery and so on.

Characteristics of "Succinic Acid"

"Succinic Acid" is distributed widely through the natural world, where it is contained in bivalves, fossils, seaweed, lichen, bacteria and so on. It was discovered in the year 1550 when Dr.Agricola with Germany distilled amber. "Succinic Acid" is useful, non-toxic, stable and harmless to the human body. It is generated in a citric acid cycle (succinic acid dehydrate enzyme) and a succinic acid-glycine cycle through the process of metabolism and eventually becomes energy. Succinic Acid is industrially produced by hydrogenation of Maleic Anhydride. Succinic Acid of NIPPON SHOKUBAI has not only been used as food additives but also biodegradable polymers, bath additives, plating agents, photochemicals and so on.


Specification for general industry

Item Unit Specification
Appearance -- White crystalline powder
Assay % 99.0 min.
Melting Point 185 min.
Water % 0.5 max.
Ash % 0.1 max.

Specification for food additive and feed additive

Item Unit Specification
Description -- White crystalline powder, Odorless, Characteristic acid taste.
Identification -- A brown precipitate is formed
Content % 99.0 min
Melting Point 185~190
(1) Lead (as Pb) µg/g 2 max.
(2) Arsenic (as As) µg/g 3 max.
(3) Readily oxidizable substances min The pink color of the solution does not disappear within 3 minutes
Residue on Ignition % 0.025 max.

Testing methods are according to the Japan's Specifications and Standards for Food Additives (9th Edition).

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