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De-NOx catalyst

Product De-NOx catalyst

Nitrogen oxides (NOx) discharged from various stationary combustion systems (such as industrial boilers, private power generation systems and furnaces, power stations) and metal etching are believed to be the major air polluting substance causing air pollution, and regulations for controlling NOx emission have been effectuated in many countries. For NOx reduction, the selective catalytic reduction (SCR), using ammonia as a reducing agent has been widely used. The De-NOx catalyst used for this process is key of SCR.
Nippon Shokubai's De-NOx catalyst is widely used in the De-NOx systems for various exhaust gas sources such as boilers and power stations.

1. Features

  1. Suitable catalyst selection complying to various exhaust gas sources such as boilers, gas turbines, diesel engines, cement kilns, sintering and heating furnaces, waste incinerators.
  2. High NOx-reducing rates in a wide temperature range from 160 C to 600 C.
  3. Durable catalysts by SOx in the exhaust gas and various poisonous substances in the dust keep a high De-NOx activity for a long period of time.
  4. Due to low SO2 oxidation rate, less formation of ammonium sulfates.
  5. By changing the number of cells (sieve opening) of catalyst, it is applicable to any exhaust gas from coal-fired boilers with a high dust abrasion resistivity.
  6. High heat-resistance.

2. Catalyst size

As standard size, the honeycomb shape catalyst having outside dimension of 150mm×150mm and length from 400 to 1,060mm is widely used.

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