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Oxazoline-functional polymer: EPOCROS™

Product Oxazoline-functional polymer: EPOCROS™
Applications Waterborne crosslinker, Adhesion promoting agent, Reactive compatibilizer


EPOCROS has been introduced to the market by Nippon Shokubai as world's first commercialization of Oxazoline related product built on the basic technique of Dow Chemical Company USA as well as the accumulated knowledge of Nippon Shokubai on synthetic organic chemistry and polymer science.
Recentry, worldwide expectation for developing enviromentally safe product is becoming prevalent and the trend is being accelerated toward the woterborne product against VOC and solvent. With those background, EPOCROS is accepted and utilezed by variety of customers.
Especialy, as EPOCROS is realized on polymer structure which is quite rare for the crosslinkers, the market is recognizing it as a unique crosslinker.

The product(s) listed in this brochure (PRODUCT) is manufactured and sold under a license from THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY (U.S.A.). PRODUCT is subject to U.S. Export Administration Regulations and is classified as EAR99 thereunder. Please ensure compliance with appolicable U.S. export control laws and regulations as a license issued by the U.S. government may be required prior to exporting or selling PRODUCT to certain countries, areas, organizations or individuals as designated by the U.S. Govemment.

( Further details regarding U.S. export control may be obtained at web sites of various U.S. government departments including : http://www.bis.doc.gov/index.htm)

1. Application areas of EPOCROS

Application areas of EPOCROS

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2. General Information of EPOCROS

General Information of EPOCROS

Classification of EPOCROS

Classification of EPOCROS

Technical Data (EPOCROS RPS-1005 & POLYIMILEX™) [316 KB]

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3. Product line-up, properties and characteristics

Product Type Emulsion Water soluble
Series name K-2000 Series WS series
Product No. K-2010E K-2020E K-2035E WS-300 WS-500 WS-700
Appearance Milky white emulsion None~Clear Red Liquid Clear yellow liquid
Type Soft Middle Hard High oxazoline VOC free Standard VOC free
Nonvolatiles(wt%) 40 10 39 25
Solvent Water Water Water/PM*7 Water
pH 7-9 7-10 8-10 7-10
Main components Styrene/Acrylic Acrylic
WPO*1 550 130 220
groups amount*2
1.8 7.7 4.5
Tg(C) -50*3 0*3 50*3 90*3 50*4 50*4
Molecular Weight*5 Mn N/A*6 4×104 2×104 2×104
Mw N/A*6 12×104 7×104 4×104
Common characteristics
  • VOC free, Long Pot life for one packaging
  • Controllable appearance by Tg adjustment
  • Improve water resistance, heat resistance and film properties
  • Adhesion promoting particularly to polyester
  • Fast drying
  • VOC free, Long Pot life for one packaging
  • Higher reactivity in comparison with emulsion type
  • Improve water resistance, heat resistance and film properties
  • Adhesion promoting for PET, OPP, PVC etc.
  • Fast drying

Figures shown in the above table are representative values;these are not to be considered product specification
(1) Equivalent Weight (Weight per oxazoline equivalent : norvolatiles g/eq.) :Theoretical value
(2) Oxazoline groups amount (mmol/g,norvolatiles) :Theoretical value
(3) Calculated value
(4) Actual measurement
(5) Molecular weight (HPLC,g/mol)
(6) N/A:not available
(7) 1-Methoxy-2-propanol

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4. Reactivity of the Oxazoline groups

Reaction with the carboxyl groups

  1. Reaction with carboxyl groups which is contained in most of waterborne polymers is regarded to have the highest reactivity.
  2. After the reaction with the carboxyl groups, stable amid ester bonding is formed. Any by-product will not be generated.
  3. Reaction with carboxyl groups proceeds rapidly at elevated temperature 80 ℃ to 100 ℃.
  4. Reaction with carboxyl groups proceeds slowly at room temperature.
  5. Oxazoline groups have better reactivity with carboxyl groups than with epoxy groups.
  6. Oxazoline groups also react with aromatics such as thiol groups as well as phenol groups. But oxazoline groups cannot react with alcoholic hydroxyl groups.

Reaction with the carboxyl groups

Model reaction of Oxazoline groups (Ethyl Oxazoline / Propionic acid)

Model reaction of Oxazoline groups (Ethyl Oxazoline / Propionic acid)Model reaction of Oxazoline groups (Ethyl Oxazoline / Propionic acid)

Conditions on Reactivity:Etyhl oxazoline / Propionic acid = 1/1(mol/mol), solvent-free reaction
Phenyl glycidyl ether / Propionic acid = 1/1(mol/mol), solvent-free reaction
Method of analysis:Gas chromatography analysis

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5. EPOCROS is a low toxic and highly safe crosslinker.

Safety date

  Ames test Skin temporary irritant test
Acute toxicity
Fish toxicity
K-2010E Negative None >2000mg/kg >1000mg/L
K-2020E Negative None >2000mg/kg >1000mg/L
K-2035E Negative None >2000mg/kg >100mg/L
WS-300 Negative Slight irritation
>2000mg/kg N/A
WS-500 Negative None >2000mg/kg >1000mg/L
WS-700 Negative None >2000mg/kg >1000mg/L

N/A:not available

Legislation and Regulations (as of August 2021)

Law / Inventory
Country / regions
Law concerning
the Examination and
Regulation of
Chemical substances
K-2010E * Pre-registration contact us
K-2020E × × contact us
K-2035E * Pre-registration contact us
WS-300 contact us ** contact us
WS-500 * Pre-registration
WS-700 * Pre-registration

○: Registered
*: Registered under limited tonnage
**: Registered(need importer registration)
×: Not registered

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6. Related product

Heat resistance improver,Compatibilizer(PA/AB Sets)

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