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N-cyclohexylmaleimide: IMILEX™-C


Product N-cyclohexylmaleimide: IMILEX™-C

Chemical Structure

CAS No. 1631-25-0
Formula C10H13NO2
Molecular Weight 179
Packing 10kg Can, 100kg Fiber Drum and 300kg Big Bag
Applications Resin modifier

Thermal properties of polymers are effectively improved by copolymerizing IMILEX-C(N-Cyclohexylmaleimide). IMILEX-C is especially effective for optical applications.

1. Properties

Item Unit Typical Properties
Appearance - White Flake
Melting Point C 87 - 90
Boiling Point C 128 (1.33kPa)

2. Package

10kg Can, 100kg Fiber Drum and 300kg Big Bag

3. Regulatory information

ENCS : 5-5862
TSCA : Listed
SARA Title III 313 : not listed
SNUR : not listed
NDSL : listed
AICS : not listed
EINECS: 216-630-6
CLASSIFICATION etc. : not listed on 67/548/EEC ANNEX I.
ECL :2002-1-527
SWISS : not listed
PICCS : not listed

Above information is as of preparation of this brochure. Please check latest regulatory information at your responsibility before handling IMILEX-C.

4. Solubility of IMILEX-C (Amount of IMILEX-C soluble to 100g of solvent at 25 C)

Solvent Solubility(g) Solvent Solubility(g) Solvent Solubility(g)
THF 84 Styrene 55 Xylene 34
Acrylonitrile 68 Ethyl Acetate 48 Butyl Acetate 34
Acetone 65 Toluene 47 Methanol 16
Benzene 63 MMA 41 Ethanol 12
MEK 55 DMF 36 Water 0.03

5. Typical Applications

Polymer Purpose Application Reference
PVC Improve thermal properties Heat Resistant PVC (1) - (3)
PMMA Improve thermal properties Optical Disks (4)
Photosensitive Polymer Photosensitivity Photoengraving system for Print Circuit Board (5)

(Reference) (1)U.S.Patent 3,756,991 (1973), (2)Japan Kokai JP 86-181853, (3)Japan Kokai JP 86-221209, (4)Japan Kokai JP 86-278509, (5)U.S.Patent 4,072,524 (1978).

6. Handling and Hazards (Please refer to Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for detail)


Skin irritation
Moderately irritative
Skin inflames when IMILEX-C is kept contacting with skin
Eye irritation
Moderately irritative
Acute oral toxicity(LD50)
130.3mg/kg(rat, male), 130.5mg/kg(rat, female)

Handling and Protection

Read material safety data sheet (MSDS) before handling IMILEX-C.
Put on rubber gloves, long sleeve clothing, gas mask for organic gas and protective spectacles to avoid contact with skin, especially contact with eyes when handling IMILEX-C.
Take off the clothing which IMILEX-C contacts after handling.
If you have any question about handling IMILEX-C, please contact us.

First Aid

Skin contact: Flush with running water using a mild soap.
Eye contact: Gently rinse with clean water for at least 15 minutes and call a physician.


Store in a warehouse at temperature lower than 40 C. Avoid sunshine and moisture.

Please read Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before handling.

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