N-cyclohexylmaleimide: IMILEX™-C N-cyclohexylmaleimide

Basic Information

Chemical Structure
Chemical Formula C10H13NO2
CAS No.1631-25-0
Molecular Weight 179
Packing TypeCan (10 kg), Drum (120 kg (20 kg × 6 bags))

Copolymerizing N-cyclohexylmaleimide (IMILEX™-C) can effectively improve the heat resistance of various polymers.IMILEX™-C is especially effective for applications that require optical properties.


Item Unit Representative Values
Appearance White flakes
Melting Point 87-90
Boiling Point 128 (1.33 kPa)

Packing Type

Can (10 kg), Drum (120 kg (20 kg × 6 bags))

Applicable Laws and Regulations

Foreign laws and regulations on chemical substances

USA TSCA: Listed
SARA Title III 313: Not listed
SNUR: Not listed
Canada CEPA: NDSL listed
Australia AICS:Not listed
Europe EINECS:216-630-6
Classification, etc.: Not listed on 67/548/EEC ANNEX I
Korea ECL:2002-1-527
Switzerland SWISS: Not listed
The Philippines PICCS:Not listed

Solubility of IMILEX™-C (Amount of IMILEX-C soluble to 100 g of solvent at 25°C)

Solvent Solubility (g) Solvent Solubility (g) Solvent Solubility (g)
THF84Styrene 55Xylene34
Acrylonitrile 68Ethyl acetate 48Butyl acetate 34
Acetone 65Toluene 47Methanol 16
Benzene 63MMA (Methyl Methacrylate)41Ethanol 12

Examples of Applications

Resins Usage PurposeApplications Reference
PVCImproves heat resistanceHeat-resistant grade PVC(1)-(3)
PMMAImproves heat resistanceOptical disc substrate(4)
Photosensitive resinPhotosensitivityPhotoengraving system for printed wiring boards(5)

・Reference) (1)U.S.Patent 3,756,991 (1973), (2)Japan Kokai JP 86-181853, (3)Japan Kokai JP 86-221209, (4)Japan Kokai JP 86-278509, (5)U.S.Patent 4,072,524 (1978).


* Please read the Chemical Products Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for details.

Effect on skinMildly irritating
Causes inflammation if it comes in contact with and remains on the skin.
Effect on mucous membrane of the eyeMildly irritating
Oral Toxicity (LD50)130.3 mg/kg (rat, male), 130.5 mg/kg (rat, female)
Handling Precautions

IMILEX™-C is irritating to the human body; specifically, if inhaled, it irritates the nasal cavity and throat, causing the person to cough and sneeze.Please read the material safety data sheet (MSDS) when handling this product, and avoid it from coming into contact with the skin.
Please be sure to wear rubber gloves, long sleeve clothing, a gas mask for organic gas, well-sealed protective spectacles and other protective gear when handling IMILEX™-C to avoid contact with the skin, especially contact with the eyes.Please change out of the stained clothes worn while handling IMILEX™-C once you have finished using it.
Please inquire with Nippon Shokubai if you have any questions about the handling precautions of the purchased IMILEX™-C.

First Aid

Skin contact: Immediately take off the stained clothes, and wash the areas of the skin that have come into contact with IMILEX™-C with plenty of water and soap.Eye contact: Gently rinse the eye area with clean water for at least 15 minutes, and immediately see a doctor for treatment.

Storage Precautions

Please avoid storing the product in the direct sunlight and in damp and humid areas; make sure to store it in a storehouse in temperatures not exceeding 40°C.

Please be sure to read the Chemical Products Safety Data Sheet (SDS) when handling this product.