Basic Information

POLYIMILEX™ is a newly developed maleimide-copolymer that is made using maleimide (IMILEX™-P), which Nippon Shokubai was the first in the world to commercialize. POLYIMILEX™ is non-toxic and when melted and kneaded with various thermoplastic resins, it can effectively improve heat resistance. POLYIMILEX™ has great potential in a wide range of applications as a new material for polymer alloys.
POLYIMILEX™ is also distinctive for having very few impurities, because it uses maleimide that is purified by distillation as a raw material.


Pale yellow

Main Grade

Item NumberPSX0371PAS1460PML203
Main MonomersN-Phenylmaleimide, StyreneN-Phenylmaleimide, Styrene, AcrylonitrileN-Phenylmaleimide, Methyl methacrylate, Styrene
Compatible PolymersAS resinAS resinAS, PMMA, MS, PVC resin
Applications Heat-resistant ABS (High heat-resistance), Various alloysHeat-resistant ABSHeat-resistant ABS (transparent)

Basic Properties

Test ItemTest Method and ConditionsUnit Representative Values
Specific GravityJIS K 7112 (B method)
Glass Transition TemperatureASTM D3418202167140
Weight Average Molecular Weight ASTM D3536, PS conversion×104131720
Heat Deflection Temperature ASTM D648, 18.6 kg load, Not annealed, 1/4″174144125
Izod Impact StrengthASTM D256, Notched, 1/4″, 23°CKJ/m1.11.21.4
Melt Flow Rate ASTM D1238, 10 kg loadg/10 min 2.6 (265°C)22 (265°C)5.8 (240°C)
Refractive Index JIS K 71051.601.591.52

* The values in the table are representative values, and not standard values.
* POLYIMILEX™ is non-hazardous and a designated flammable good (synthetic resin).

Features and Properties

  1. Effectively improves heat resistance
  2. Good compatibility with various thermoplastic resins
  3. Non-toxic and easy to handle
  4. Excellent thermal stability

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