Silicone-Acrylic Fine Particles: SOLIOSTAR™ RA Series Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Fine Particles

Basic Information

SOLIOSTAR™ RA are organic-inorganic hybrid-type, monodispersed, spherical fine particles with a sharp particle size distribution.
In addition to being able to control a uniform particle diameter, by using various types of organic and inorganic components in an arbitrary ratio, it is also possible to control the refractive index and degree of hardness, as well as design various particle surface states. This enables SOLIOSTAR™ RA to be used as a light diffusion agent for liquid crystal displays (LCD) of televisions and computers.

SEM Photo

Features and Properties

  1. Narrow particle size distribution
  2. Particle size adjustable from 2 – 80μm
  3. Precisely control the refractive index in the 1.50 – 1.60 range in 0.01 increments
  4. Particle hardness control
  5. Good dispersibility control in resins (Acrylic , Epoxy resin etc.)

Examples of Applications

  • Particles for antireflective films
  • High precision gap control agents

Product Details


Organic-Inorganic hybrid Compounds

List of Typical Properties of Products

Type Average Particle Diameter (μm)True Specific Gravity Refractive Index

* Please be sure to read the Chemical Products Safety Data Sheet (SDS) when handling this product.

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