Nippon Shokubai’s Fine Particles

What are Nippon Shokubai’s Fine Particles?

Nippon Shokubai’s fine particles have been developed using our proprietary technology. Our lineup includes particles of various materials from nano to micron size (inorganic particles, organic-inorganic hybrid particles, organic particles).
These fine particles are used widely throughout the world, mainly in electronic materials where advanced quality is required.

Image of Nippon Shokubai’s Fine Particles

Inorganic Fine Particles

Zirconia Nanoparticles

Using our proprietary particle synthesis technology, we have developed zirconia nanoparticles that have independent dispersion in organic solvents.
Nippon Shokubai’s zirconia nanoparticles have excellent dispersion in UV curable acrylic resins/monomers, giving them potential applications in forming and coating materials where transparency and a high refractive index are required.


Silica Fine Particles

ZIRCOSTAR™ are perfectly spherical fine particles of silica with an extremely narrow particle size distribution and an average particle diameter that can be controlled in the 0.1 - 2.5 μm range.
This product is available in ethylene glycol dispersion (KE-E), water dispersion (KE-W), and powder types.
All of these types have an extremely low amount of coarse particles and excellent monodispersion, making them ideal for use as resin fillers for electronic materials in which the presence of coarse substances is detrimental to the quality of the final product.

Product:SEAHOSTAR™ KE Series

Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Fine Particles

SEAHOSTAR™ KE are micron-sized, organic-inorganic composite particles with a narrow particle size distribution, and organic components and inorganic components that have been three-dimensionally composited at the molecular level.
A variety of organic components and inorganic components can be used in arbitrary ratios to create fine particles with a wide range of hardness and optical properties to suit various needs.

Conceptual Diagram of Organic-Inorganic Composite Particles

Product:SOLIOSTAR™ RA Series

Organic Fine Particles

Our lineup includes acrylic, acrylic-styrene, melamine, and benzoguanamine fine particles.

Acrylic and Acrylic-Styrene Fine Particles

These acrylic and acrylic-styrene crosslinked fine particles have an average particle diameter in the nano to several micron size, and high heat resistance and solvent resistance. They can be used as anti-blocking agents of various films and light diffusion agents of light diffusion films of liquid crystal panels.

Product:EPOSTAR™ MV Series
   EPOSTAR™ MX Series
   EPOSTAR™ MA2003

Melamine and Benzoguanamine Fine Particles

These are fine particles with unique properties such as a high refractive index (n = 1.66) and positive charge, and an average particle diameter in the submicron to several micron range. They can be used as matting agents and light diffusion agents of light diffusion films of liquid crystal panels, as well as charge control agents for use in photocopying machine toners.

Product:EPOSTAR™ Series

*Please be sure to read the Chemical Products Safety Data Sheet (SDS) when handling this product.