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Waste gas treatment catalyst

Product Waste gas treatment catalyst

Nippon Shokubai's waste gas treatment catalyst (complete oxidation catalyst; ex. VOCs, odorants) is manufactured under its strict quality controls which are based on the catalyst technology developed and accumulated since its foundation in 1941. Therefore its stable activity can be maintained for a long period of time.
Due to use of noble metals such as Pt /Pd, Nippon Shokubai's waste gas treatment catalysts can provide an excellent purifying performances even in low temperature areas.
Typical examples of Nippon Shokubai's waste gas treatment catalyst are shown in the table below.
The most suitable catalyst can be selected complying to various types of waste gases.

1. Features

  1. Optimum catalyst type selection for various types of waste gas.
  2. Excellent oxidation activity at low temperatures.
  3. High efficiency noble metal catalyst with high deodorization effect.
  4. Less harmful effect by poisonous substances in waste gas, more stable activity with a long period of time.
    When the poisonous substances concentration in waste gas is high, use of the pretrement catalyst is recommended.
  5. A stable performances by low pressure drop and sufficient contact effect with waste gas .
  6. Excellent heat-resistance.

2. Catalyst size

Shape Type Size Features
Honeycomb CH-700 Series 150mm□×50mmL For standard use
CH-800 Series Heat resisting
CHT Series SOx resisting
Spherical C-700 Series 3~5mmφ For standard use
C-800 Series Heat resisting
C-900 Series Pretreatment

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