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Corporate Ethics

We remain committed to various group-wide initiatives intended to further improve and strengthen our corporate ethics and legal compliance systems.

Rank-based training

Rank-based training

We provide training and lecture sessions in corporate ethics targeted to three specific employee ranks: managerial employees, mid-level employees, and rank-and-file employees (including entrusted workers and dispatched workers from temporary agencies). We require all employees to attend such sessions at least once every three years.
Beginning with the theme of "Considering Both Sides of Responsibility (Considering Approaches to Self-management)," we confirm the importance of fulfilling our responsibility as leaders who are knowledgeable about a particular site by focusing on the original purpose of our business (such as research, development, manufacturing, or sales of high-quality products with a commitment to safety and security).
We then approach the theme of "Considering Both Sides of the Workplace Climate (Considering Approaches to Guiding Subordinates)." This concerns how to provide guidance to subordinates in day-to-day tasks. While clarifying the relationship between misconduct and corporate culture, we confirm our stance as a familiar and positive consultation partner capable of “drawing attention, knowing the background, addressing issues in a cool manner, and saying what one has to say.” We learn that such day-to-day words and actions help foster a good workplace culture.

Awareness Initiatives in the Workplace

Workplace training

In order to promote greater penetration and adoption of corporate ethics in the workplace, we conduct corporate ethics training sessions in various workplaces once every six months. These training sessions have become well established, as they offer opportunities for workplace discussion. They are based on a training program covering violations of corporate ethics and legal violations and the like that we created in reference to situations that actually arose in other companies.

The "Nippon Shokubai Group Corporate Ethics Guidebook" Published for Affiliates in Japan

Nippon Shokubai
CorporateEthics Guidebook

Nippon Shokubai Group
Corporate Ethics Guidebook

In 2007, we published the "Nippon Shokubai Corporate Ethics Guidebook" as a means of presenting the specific conduct guidelines contained within the Nippon Shokubai Code of Conduct.
This publication is distributed to all employees as part of our awareness-raising initiative while allowing for appropriate revisions as the need arises.
In order to promote greater Group-wide penetration of the Nippon Shokubai Group Mission " TechnoAmenity — Providing affluence and comfort to people and society, with our unique technology," we published the "Nippon Shokubai Group Corporate Ethics Guidebook" for our companies in Japan and distributed it to all their employees. This publication contains conduct guidelines, explanations, and frequently asked questions on practices to follow not only in routine tasks but also in private life. Its content is useful for raising the awareness of each employee regarding corporate ethics.

Awareness Activities on Our Corporate Ethics Portal

Web portal

Our corporate intranet hosts our corporate ethics portal titled "Understandable Corporate Ethics." It lists basic information on contracts, competition laws in various countries, observance of anti-bribery laws, various manuals related to subcontract law and the like, links to websites covering related laws and regulations, and a FAQ page. This site presents the latest available information, as it is updated as necessary whenever the relevant laws and regulations are revised.