Corporate Citizenship


The Nippon Shokubai Group aims to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by putting into practice its corporate philosophy “TechnoAmenity: Providing prosperity and comfort to people and society, with our unique technology,“ we are deepening and strengthening its sustainability initiatives in the areas of business activities, human capital (talents), which are the source of value creation in business activities, and organizational foundation. At the same time, companies are expected not only to contribute in their business activities, but also to fulfil their responsibilities as members of society in various aspects of their relations with society.
From this perspective, our Group’s corporate citizenship activities are aimed at resolving social issues that are difficult to solve through business activities alone, and are promoted in accordance with the Corporate Citizenship Policy set out below.

Corporate Citizenship Policy

  1. We will work to resolve social issues that lead to the realization of a sustainable society.
  2. We will take an international perspective, such as the SDGs, while at the same time correctly recognizing the social issues that need to be tackled, taking into account local characteristics.
  3. We respect local nature, culture, traditions and customs, and promote initiatives tailored to the needs and actual conditions of the local community based on the “three actuals” principle, which means go to the site, make a direct observation, and determine the facts.
  4. We will develop activities that make use of the Group’s management capitals, such as talents and technology.
  5. We aim for the most effective initiatives through dialogue and partnerships with NGOs, NPOs, specialist organizations, public administration and local authorities.

Priority Areas of Corporate Citizenship

Of the themes related to Corporate Citizenship, three themes of high importance and strong relevance to the Group Mission Framework (Mission, Values and Code of Conduct), business characteristics (components of value creation) and Materiality have been set as priority areas to be addressed.


Strengthening Value Creation through Corporate Citizenship Activities

The corporate citizenship activities we undertake contribute to improving the sustainability of society, which is the basis for the sustainability of our business, while at the same time strengthening talents and organizational foundation, which are the source of our value creation -by establishing relevance between social issues and talents, improving our ability to propose solutions, fostering an organizational culture that challenges and improving employee engagement.
By strengthening our ability to create value through corporate citizenship activities, we aim to realize a virtuous circle in which solutions to social issues are expanded in both our business activities and corporate citizenship activities.

Management System for Promoting Corporate Citizenship

The Sustainability Planning Department of Nippon Shokubai is responsible for formulating the concept and priority areas of corporate citizenship activities for the company and the Group as a whole, and consolidating the results of these activities. In carrying out these activities, the department collaborates with relevant divisions and offices, as well as domestic and overseas Group companies, to promote activities in line with the actual situation in each region.
The results and status of our corporate citizenship activities are fed back to management through the TechnoAmenity Promotion Committee, and effective corporate citizenship activities are carried out based on the opinions of management.

Collaboration with Stakeholders

We will actively disclose and share our Corporate Citizenship Policy and the details of our corporate citizenship activities through our corporate website and reports, and work for continuous improvement through communication with our stakeholders.