Environmental Impact of Business Activities

In addition to striving to provide better products and services, we engage in various activities to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, which we extend to include our supply chains.
We recycle the water we use in our production locations to a high degree and thoroughly treat it before releasing it into the natural environment in an effort to effectively use water resources in addition to the obvious benefits of saving energy and combating climate change.
Also, so that people in the vicinity of our production locations can live free of worry, we ask them to monitor the air for foul smells, and conduct odor patrols and measure noise ourselves on a regular basis.
There were no environmental pollution incidents or complaints in FY2022.

Note: This FY2022 data is for only Nippon Shokubai (including our head offices, research centers and other sites).
*1 Including a carbon credit offset of 61,000 tons of CO2 emissions due to the purchase of carbon-neutral city gas