Chemical Substance Control

Reducing chemical substance emissions

Since FY1995, we have participated in the voluntary PRTR investigations conducted by the JCIA in an effort to reduce emissions of chemical substances into the environment.
Our emissions of PRTR substances in FY2022 was 81 tons, a 24.6% reduction from the level in FY2015.
We will continue to strive to systematically reduce chemical substance emissions toward the FY2024 objective of 25% reduction from the level in FY2015.

FY2022 Emissions of PRTR Substances (Top 10 Substances for Nippon Shokubai alone)


Cabinet Order No.Name of PRTR substanceAir emissionsDischarge into water areasTotalMovement
405Boron compounds0.028.928.90.2
321Vanadium compounds0.012.712.70.1
4Acrylic acid and its water-soluble salts7.
56Ethylene oxide6.
58Ethylene glycol monomethyl ether2.
7Butyl acrylate2.

Trends in Emissions of PRTR Substances