Chemical Safety

Nippon Shokubai promotes chemical product control by complying with laws and regulations, disseminating information, and engaging in other efforts to completely avoid legal and social problems with chemical products throughout their lifecycles.

Rigorous Chemical Product Control throughout Product Lifecycles

We establish internal systems for compliance with domestic and foreign laws and regulations pertaining to chemical products, disseminate information about product safety and applicable laws and regulations to customers, and undertake other efforts to promote chemical product control with the aim of completely avoiding legal and social problems with chemical products throughout their lifecycles, from research and development to disposal after they are used.

Chemical Management System

Efforts toward product safety

We strive to ensure the safety of new products and swiftly put them on the market by appropriately and promptly examining the safety and compliance status throughout the chemical product lifecycles at each stage, from research and development to commercialization.

Product safety initiatives

We create GHS-compatible Safety Data Sheets (SDS), warning labels, and Yellow Cards to promote the dissemination of information to our customers and the education of our employees. We also conduct strict checks of products intended for different end-uses (e.g. active pharmaceutical ingredients, pesticides, cosmetics, food additives) that include action by the Product Safety Review Subcommittee to comply with the Product Liability Act (PL Act).

Example of an SDS
Example of a warning label

Operating our chemical substance control system

We established a chemical substance control system to centrally manage information on chemical substances, raw materials, product-related hazards, laws and regulations, and more, and use the system for many purposes, including evaluating risks, preparing SDS, and responding to customers’ inquiries about the chemical substances in products. We are also sustaining efforts to update information and improve the functionality of the system, and in FY2020 launched an automatic warning label-creating function based on the system, that we began using for products in development.

Accommodating chemical registration requirements within and outside Japan

We work with specialized agencies and Group companies outside Japan to comply with laws and regulations, for example the Chemical Substances Control Act and the Industrial Safety and Health Act of Japan, TSCA in the USA, and REACH in the EU.
We also hold training on laws and regulations and briefings on new systems pertaining to chemical product control on a regular basis to inform our employees and foster in them a sense of respect for the laws and regulations.
Additionally, regarding acrylic acid—a priority assessment chemical substance under the Chemical Substances Control Act—an organization to which we belong conducts safety tests for aquatic life, and we submit information and otherwise respond proactively to risk assessments by the central government.

Import and export control initiatives

To ensure faithful compliance with import and export regulations, we establish and maintain Company rules, inform everyone in the Company of decisions as to controlled items, establish and maintain a shipping management system tied to our central accounting system, and conduct internal training on a regular basis. Additionally, our annual internal audit revealed no problems with exports during CY2022.

Promoting a voluntary initiative of the JCIA

We participate in GPS/JIPS, a voluntary initiative for strengthening chemical management promoted by the Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA), which prepares and releases a safety summary to the public.