Environmental Accounting

We base our environmental accounting on the Environmental Accounting Guidelines for Chemical Companies published in 2003 by the JCIA and the Japan Responsible Care Council. We also refer to the Environmental Accounting Guidelines 2005 of the Ministry of the Environment.

Costs and benefits of environmental protection (Nippon Shokubai alone)

Duration: April 1, 2022–March 31, 2023

Key Activity
Investment (millions of yen)Cost (millions of yen)Outcome
Business area cost
1. Pollution prevention cost
Preventing air/water pollution, controlling hazardous substance emissions
18857No pollution problems occurred.
Business area cost
2. Global environmental
protection cost

Energy-saving activities and activities to tackle climate change
503,798Saved 8,314 kL (crude oil equivalent) during the period.
Business area cost
3. Resource circulation cost
Properly treating/disposing of industrial waste
20685Achieved zero emissions through sorted collection and recycling of waste.
Upstream/downstream cost
Reusing resources
060Reusing some drums and containers.
Administration cost
Operating environmental countermeasure systems, obtaining/maintaining ISO 14001 certification
0604Obtained certification for all plants, enhancing environmental management systems.
R&D cost
Developing eco-friendly products, reducing environmental impact in manufacturing processes
03,354Researching and developing Environmental Contribution Products.
Social activity cost
Donating to environmental causes
020Engaging in Nippon Shokubai Forest Conservation Activities.
Environmental remediation cost

Economic Benefit Associated with Environmental Protection Initiatives (Actual Benefits)

Details of BenefitAmount (millions of yen)
RevenueOperating revenue from the sale of recycled waste products and used products produced through key business activities7
Cost reductionReductions in energy costs through energy conservation1,343
Reductions in waste disposal costs through resource4,531

Reference: Total investment during the period: 8,613 million yen Total R&D cost during the period: 14,448 million yen