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Corporate Governance

Under Nippon Shokubai Group's Mission of TechnoAmenity — "Providing affluence and comfort to people and society, with our unique technology" — our goals are to emerge as an innovative chemical company that provides new value for people’s lives, to earn the greater confidence of the public as a responsible chemical company, and to become a company that all can take pride in, including our varied stakeholders. In this way we will increase our corporate value and achieve sustainable growth.
We consider the achievement of viable corporate governance as essential and have adopted initiatives toward that end: we are securing the rights and equality of shareholders and maintaining open dialogue; collaborating with various stakeholders as appropriate; disclosing information as appropriate and ensuring transparency; ensuring the roles of the board of directors and management teams related to their appropriate execution of duties; ensuring appropriate supervision of the execution of these duties; and strengthening and enhancing internal control systems.

Our Corporate Governance System (as of April 2017)