Coating Resins: ACRYSET™ Acrylic resins

Basic Information

(Meta)acrylic resins developed by Nippon Shokubai’s proprietary technologies, which have a wide range of applications such as Construction, Building materials, Textiles, Plastics, Woodwork, and other special applications.

Lineup and Functions

Product Basic CompositionApplications FeaturesMain Item Numbers
Water-basedAcrylic(Water-soluble)Coatings for metals and plastics, etc.Fast drying, High gloss, Corrosion resistance, Blocking resistanceARL-453
Acrylic EmulsionCoatings for constructionFine elastic fillersElasticity, Pigment miscibility, High adhesionEF-006
Top coats, Clear coatsWater-whitening resistance, Soap freeEF-009
Main agent for elasticityPigment miscibility, Alkaline resistanceEMN-325E
Inorganic building materialsSealersAdhesion, Water-permeability resistance, Pigment miscibilityEF-005
Top coats, Clear coatsWeatherability, Water-whitening resistance, Blocking resistanceEX-200-F
Thickeners AcrylicAlkali soluble thickeners, General water-based coating thickeners, Pressure sensitive adhesion thickenersImproves film formation, High thixotropy, Rheology control performanceWR-503A
Solvent-based resinAcrylicMetals, Building materials, Construction exteriors, Plastics, Woodwork coatings, etc.Adhesion, Stain resistance, Workable, Pigment dispersible, Alcohol resistanceAST-5221
Acrylic polyol (Two-pack type)Vehicle maintenance and repairs, Building materials, Construction exteriors, Plastics, Woodwork coatings, etc.Fast drying, Weatherability, Flexibility, Pigment dispersibleATH-2044