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Cyclopolymerization monomer (AOMA™)

Product Cyclopolymerization monomer

Cyclopolymerization monomer:AOMA™

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Having hardness and toughness, AOMA™ contributes to excellent adhesion to various materials.
AOMA™ is a highly reactive monomer for cyclopolymerization with low viscosity.

AOMA™ is a cyclopolymerization monomer developed by Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd.
The polymer having THF rings in main chain can be obtained by radical polymerization.


Viscosity 1.57 cps
Low viscosity & excellent dilution property
Rapid UV curing property
Excellent adhesion to various substrates
Unique toughness structure having both hardness & flexibility

Physical properties


Chemical StructureC8H12O3
Molecular Weight156.18
Boiling point84℃ (2 kPa)
Density1.01 g/cm³ (20℃)
Viscosity1.57 mPa・s (25℃)
SolubilitySoluble in various organic solvents
Less soluble in water


• AOMA™ is a lower viscosity among existing functional monomers.
AOMA™ excels at dissolving and diluting various oligomers and polymers, and exhibits high radical polymerizability comparable to acrylic monomers. When AOMA™ is used as a reactive diluent, base agents can be formulated in high concentrations, and are expected to outperform conventional products in applications such as UV-curable inkjet inks.

• AOMA™'s polymers are highly valued as materials that have both "hardness & heat resistance" and "flexibility & toughness" that have been difficult to achieve until now.
Using a UV-curable 3D printer, AOMA™ can impart toughness and heat resistance to molded products.
It shows good adhesion to a wide range of substrates such as glass, metal, and various plastics, and is expected to be applied to various applications such as coating agents for flexible devices and adhesives for joining dissimilar materials.

Cyclopolymerization monomer:AOMA™

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