Acrylic-Styrene Fine Particles: EPOSTAR™ MA2003

Basic Information

EPOSTAR™ MA2003 are acrylic-styrene, crosslinked, perfectly spherical fine particles with an average particle diameter of 3 μm, which have been developed using Nippon Shokubai’s proprietary technology.
EPOSTAR™ MA2003 is highly rated for having excellent heat resistance, solvent resistance, and dispersibility, and for applications in light diffusion agents of various films.

SEM Photo (MA2003)
Graph of Frequency , Volume
Particle Size Distribution Diagram (MA2003)

Features and Properties

  1. Excellent light diffusion performance
  2. Good dispersibility in solvents and resins such as polyolefin

Examples of Applications

  • Light diffusion agents for optical films

Product Details


Acrylic-Styrene Crosslinked Substance

List of Typical Properties of Products

Acrylic-Styrene Fine Particles

Type Average Particle Diameter
Refractive Index True Specific Gravity

Heat Resistance Data

TypeThermal Weight Loss (%) Thermal Decomposition Temperature (°C)

Measurement Method

(1) Thermal Weight Loss (%)

Weight reduction at the time of reaching the prescribed temperature, based on the weight at 100°C.

(2) Thermal Decomposition Temperature

Temperature when a notable weight reduction starts to occur during the gradual heating of fine particles.

* Please be sure to read the Chemical Products Safety Data Sheet (SDS) when handling this product.

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