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Ultra weatherability resin : UWR™

Product Ultra weatherability resin : UWR™
Applications Coatings for metals and architectural materials

Photo-degradation of polymer is mainly caused by radicals induced by UV irradiation. Intimate binding to the host polymer of hindered amine, which can quench radicals and activated oxygen, makes the function of hindered amine permanently efficient.
Radicals are induced by not only UV irradiation but also water and oxygen located on the surface of pigments. As illustrated the following equations, water and oxygen molecules are converted into hydroxyl and perhydroxyl radicals by TiO2-photo- catalyzed oxidation. Therefore, the exclusion of water from paint films restrains the Photocatalyzed oxidation and photo-degradation of polymers.
UWR based paints demonstrated the same level of weatherability as fluorocarbon based paints due to the synergistic effect of hindered amine binding to the host polymer and hydrophobic properties of UWR.

External paint for construction (UWR) NISSHOKU CHEMICAL INDUSTRY (ZHANGJIAGANG) CO.,TD. (Overseas Subsidiary/China)External paint for construction (UWR) NISSHOKU CHEMICAL INDUSTRY (ZHANGJIAGANG) CO.,TD. (Overseas Subsidiary/China)

Lineup of UWR


Water - borne UWR E Series, EF Series (Emulsion)
Solvent - based UWR S-2000 Series (Ambient cure & Thermosetting)
UWR S-5000 Series (Thermoplastic)


Solvent - based UWR C-3000 Series (Organic - inorganic hybrid), UWR EC Series (Emulsion)


Product Principal Component Features Major Types Example of Application
E Series
EF Series
EC Series
Waterborne Excellent weatherability which was previously unattainable with conventional acrylic emulsion can be obtained.
Our product line-up includes E-SI Series (acrylic silicone) and EC Series (stain resistance) in addition to E Series and EF Series.
For topcoat of industrial maintenance, architectural design construction, product refinishing, application and transportation, etc.
S Series
Solvent-based Excellent weatherability and flexibility which was previously unattainable with conventional acrylic resin can be obtained, especially cured by polyisocyanates. S-2816
For architectural coatings, industrial metal coatings, coil coatings, wood coating, etc.
Excellent weatherability and flexibility can be obtained, used for one package coatings S-5115 For architectural coatings
C Series
Solvent-based, Organo-colloidal silicas are combined In addition of excellent weatherability and flexibility, inorganic characteristics such as hardness, mar resistance and dirt removability can be obtained. C-3600 For architectural coatings, industrial metal coatings, etc.

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