What is your stock code?
Nippon Shokubai’s stock code is 4114.
Do you offer any special benefit plans for shareholders?
No such plans are available.
When was your most recent shareholders’ meeting?
The shareholders’ meeting for 2023 was held on June 21 at Asahi Seimei Hall.
When is your next shareholders’ meeting?
Our next shareholders’ meeting is scheduled to take place in mid-June 2024.
Who is your transfer agent?
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
Who should I contact regarding stock procedures such as a change in my address, change of bank account for deposit of my dividend, or lost stock certificates?
Please contact the Osaka Corporate Agency Division of Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation.
How can I obtain your recent financial information?
Please refer to Financial results.
When will you release your next financial statements?
Please refer to our IR calendar.
How can I review your business performance for the past several years?
Please refer to Financial Highlights.
I’d like more information about your business strategy.
Please refer to Nippon Shokubai Group Mid-term Management Plan.