Shareholder returns/dividends

Dividend Policy

Nippon Shokubai has positioned the return of profits to shareholders as the most important management task, and, in consideration of the dividend payout ratio and other factors, distributes dividends under a basic policy of aiming to improve medium- to long-term dividend levels in line with projected trends in consolidated earnings, while at the same time taking an overall view to expand the business and strengthen the corporate structure.
In addition to dividend distributions, Nippon Shokubai intends to consider stock buybacks as an option to raise the value per share. Aggressive investments in equipment, strategies, and R&D are also necessary to maintain competitiveness and sustain growth. As such, Nippon Shokubai also deems it necessary to retain internal reserves; therefore, we will continue to distribute profits in careful consideration of the balance of the aforementioned factors.
During “TechnoAmenity for the future-I,” the new Medium-term Business Plan formulated in March 2022, our aim is to provide shareholder returns that strike a balance between capital efficiency and sufficiency of financial resources for investing in growth and maintaining competitiveness, and our policy is to maintain a total return ratio of 50% (40% dividend payouts, 10% stock buybacks).

Dividend Information

Year ended March 2021 Year ended March 2022 Year ended March 2023 Year ended March 2024
Interim dividend (JPY) 45.00 80.00 90.00 90.00
Year-end dividend (JPY) 45.00 100.00 90.00 90.00
Annual dividend (JPY) 90.00 180.00 180.00 180.00
Payout ratio (%) 30.3 36.9 48.8