Analyst coverage

A list of analysts of securities companies and other companies and research institutions that analyze and critique our performance

Company name (in alphabetical order) Analyst name (titles omitted)
BofA Securities Japan Takashi Enomoto
Goldman Sachs Securities Atsushi Ikeda
IwaiCosmo Securities Kazuyoshi Saito
Mizuho Securities Mikiya Yamada
Nomura Securities Yusho Yoshitake
SBI Securities Masami Sawato

We post this list for the sole purpose of providing information to investors about the analysts who analyze and forecast our performance and the institutions with which they are affiliated, not to persuade investors to trade our shares or recommend that they do so.

We neither support nor guarantee the validity of these analysts’ forecasts, opinions, recommendations, or other views.

Analysts analyze our finances and performance, business, and technology as well as the business environment and economic trends, and forecast our performance based on their own judgment. Additionally, this may not be an exhaustive list of all analysts, and the information on it may not be the most recent or may conflict internally.

We ask investors to make their investment decisions based on their own judgment and at their own risk.