Acrylic Fine Particles: EPOSTAR™ MV Series Polymethyl Methacrylate-based Crosslinked Fine Particles

  • Main Applications

    Anti-blocking agents for food packaging film, Light diffusion agents for optical films, Matting agents, Void forming agents

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Basic Information

EPOSTAR™ MV are acrylic-based, crosslinked, perfectly spherical fine particles with an average particle diameter of 2 – 10 μm, which have been developed using Nippon Shokubai’s proprietary technology. EPOSTAR™ MV is highly rated for having excellent heat resistance, solvent resistance, and dispersibility, and for applications in light diffusion agents and anti-blocking agents of various films.

SEM Photo (MV1004)
Graph of Frequency , volume
Particle Size Distribution Diagram (MV1004)

Features and Properties

  1. Excellent heat resistance and solvent resistance
  2. Excellent dispersibility to resins (polyolefin etc.) and solvent

Examples of Applications

Product Details


Acrylic crosslinked substance

List of Typical Properties of Products

Acrylic Fine Particles

Type Average Particle Diameter
Refractive Index True Specific Gravity

Heat Resistance Data

TypeThermal Weight Loss (%) Thermal Decomposition Temperature (°C)
200°C 300°C

Measurement Method

(1) Thermal Weight Loss (%)

Weight reduction at the time of reaching the prescribed temperature, based on the weight at 100°C.

(2) Thermal Decomposition Temperature

Temperature when a notable weight reduction starts to occur during the gradual heating of fine particles.

* Please be sure to read the Chemical Products Safety Data Sheet (SDS) when handling this product.

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