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CSR Concept

Our Corporate Credo, “Safety takes priority over production,” guides us in all our activities. In accordance with our Group Mission, TechnoAmenity, we have established our Management Commitment and Code of Conduct. We take a comprehensive view of our corporate actions that encompasses the economy, society, and the environment. We therefore prioritize corporate ethics, Responsible Care, risk management, human rights and labor, information disclosure, social contribution, and corporate governance. In implementing sustainable actions to increase corporate value, we emphasize dialogue with our customers, business partners, shareholders and investors, public administrators, employees, the communities we serve, and all other stakeholders.

This CSR concept is the foundation underpinning our Vision for 2025. We intend to achieve this vision by implementing Reborn Nippon Shokubai 2020, our long-term business plan, and contributing to the emergence of a sustainable society.

CSR Concept