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Responsible Care

For the chemical industry, Responsible Care (RC) activities are very important contributors to sustainable development through their focus on health, safety, and environmental protection over the total product life cycle. At the same time, they help to increase the trust of society through dialogue.
Nippon Shokubai participated in the Japan Responsible Care Council (JRCC) at the time of its establishment in 1995. We have been actively promoting RC activities with a focus on our main pillars: environmental preservation; process safety and disaster prevention; occupational safety and health; chemical safety; quality; and communication with society. We are determined to continue gaining the trust of society with our group-wide RC activities by contributing to society and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.

RC Policy

In conformity with our Corporate Philosophy, Management Philosophy and the Nippon Shokubai Corporate Behavior Charter, we rank it as an important management measure to provide products and technologies that contribute to society and environmental protection. In addition, while paying due respect to the principle of Sustainable Development, we are determined to conduct all activities in accordance with the following policy related to environmental protection, safety and product quality that will bring our business operations into harmony with the global environment.

1 Aim at environmental preservation and reduction of negative environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle of a product, from development to disposal.
2 Ensure the safety of our employees and our communities by targeting zero accidents and zero disasters with a commitment to the principle "Safety takes priority over production."
3 Confirm the safety of chemical materials, intermediates and products, and consider the health of our customers, employees of our logistics subcontractors, our employees, and others.
4 Stably supply products and associated services that meet customer satisfaction and inspire their trust.
5 Publicly announce the results of these activities and make an effort to communicate for proper understanding.

We will implement this RC Policy in all our business operations by ensuring all employees have a thorough understanding and awareness of its importance. The president shall be the person with the ultimate responsibility for implementing this policy.

RC Promotion Organization

The president is chairman of the RC Promotion Committee, and technical committees and sub-committees are established to promote company-wide RC activities.

RC Promotion Organization